The U.S. House Will be Voting on Two Bills to Undermine Immigration Enforcement Next Week

A vote on two immigration bills is expected to take place next week in the U.S. House.

According to Chris Chmielenski, the Deputy Director of NumbersUSA, the House will be voting on H.R. 1333, the No BAN Act, and H.R. 1573, the Access to Counsel Act.

Chmielenski highlighted what H.R. 1333 is all about:

The No BAN Act, H.R. 1333, introduced by Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) would make it increasingly more difficult for the president to suspend immigration for certain classes of individuals where the suspension would serve in the national interest. It was under this authority that Pres. Trump was able to suspend the entry of travelers from certain regions of the world at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The No BAN Act would prevent the president from taking swift action.

In addition, he explained some of the implications of H.R. 1573:

The Access to Counsel Act, H.R. 1573, introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), would require that individuals referred for secondary inspection by a CBP officer at a port of entry are given access to counsel. This would affect approximately 17 million individuals each year. By allowing access to counsel, it would slow down traffic at ports of entry, and individuals who would rightfully be turned away would inevitably find a way to enter the country.

Mass migration advocates are looking for every avenue possible to undermine immigration enforcement at the border and the interior. They and their Democrat Party patrons understand the stakes. With a newly imported electorate, the Left will have an easier path towards destroying freedoms like free speech and the Second Amendment due to migrants’ hostile attitudes towards these concepts.

If the Left can’t get full-fledged amnesty, they will settle for gradual measures to undermine immigration enforcement and U.S. sovereignty. Nationalists must remain vigilant and be ready to expose these destabilizing plots.

A good way to start is by killing H.R. 1333 and H.R. 1573.

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