The United Nations Is Crafting Plans for a “Code Of Conduct” For Online Platforms To Fight “Misinformation”

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave a high-profile speech at the United Nations headquarters to talk about what he believes is the growing issue of online “misinformation.”

Guterres described the misinformation situation as “grave” and put forward the idea of putting together an international code.

This plan consists of governments, Big Tech giants, and civil society teaming up to stop the spread of disinformation on social media. 

“The proliferation of hate and lies in the digital space is causing grave global harm now,” Guterres declared at a press conference on June 12, 2023. “It’s fueling conflict, death, and destruction now. It is threatening democracy and human rights now.”

Although no specifics have been provided about this code, Guterres declared that a “United Nations Code of Conduct” for digital platforms should be rolled out in 2024.

Speculation points to the program consisting of media literacy programs, several new rules for social media platforms, and tighter fact-checking cools. Regardless, anything coming from the UN — an institution that embodies oligarchical collectivism — should be staunchly opposed. 

In an ideal world, the US would exit the UN immediately. Any serious right-wing government would do everything possible to have the US leave this god-forsaken organization.

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