The United States Government is Funding Research on Correcting “False Beliefs” on the Internet

According to a report by Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net, the United States government is funding research on fighting online “misinformation” by correcting “false beliefs.” This funding venture is being conducted in a joint fashion with fact-checkers.

On July 7, 2021, the National Science Foundation (NSF) bankrolled a project called, “How False Beliefs Form and How to Correct Them.”

The NSF assigned $444,345 in funds to Lisa Fazio, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. Since the funding started, the total amount the researcher received went up to $506,478, as noted by a report by the War Room.

According to the NSF website, the grant has the following mission: 

There is currently an urgent need to understand the real-world effects of misinformation on people’s beliefs and how to best correct false beliefs.

Through a series of laboratory and naturalistic experiments, the project team is examining the effects of repetition on belief in real-world settings and how to more effectively counteract misinformation.

By examining these basic psychological processes in the primary domain within which they affect daily life – misinformation on social media – this work will have implications for real-world practices aimed at reducing the impact of misinformation.

The research aims to “inform real-world practices aimed at reducing the impact of misinformation.” The NSF asserted that “fact-checking practitioners are consulted to help guide the research, and results will be discussed with them.” However, the NSF did not provide the exact name of the fact-checkers, many who have established notorious reputations for their biased fact-checking practices. 

The managerial regime that has installed itself in the US over the past century is dedicated to massive behavioral modification. It will use laws, bureaucratic edicts, and funding of certain institutions to achieve those goals. Reforming government agencies is not enough. The new generation of right-wing leaders will need to devise plans to defund, downsize, and ultimately abolish these dreaded institutions. 

The alphabet agency complex that resides in DC is a perpetual threat to traditional American freedoms. For that reason, the Right must go to war with it and defeat it decisively.

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