The United States Is Importing an Alarming Amount of Poor Migrants

According to a New York Times report, the United States is importing massive amounts of impoverished migrants via mass illegal and legal immigration. In the US, the children of immigrants make up roughly “4-in-9 of all poor children living in the nation”,  according to a report by John Binder of Breitbart News

The report from the New York Times observed that “more than 40 percent of the country’s poor children are children of immigrants.”

About 50% of those immigrant youth are “anchor babies,” essentially the children of illegal aliens born in the US who receive birthright American citizenship despite their parents living in the nation illegally. 

According to data, anchor babies comprise about 20% of poor children in the US. According to research from the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal and legal immigrants are largely dependent on welfare.

In 2019, CIS discovered that households headed by immigrants use about twice as much welfare as households headed by native-born Americans. By contrast, 63% of households with immigrants at the head of the house, both illegal and legal, are on some form of public welfare, while only 35% of native-born households are on welfare.

Similarly in 2021, Camarota also found that the majority of immigrant-headed households were on some form of welfare program at significantly higher rates than native-born Americans. In a similar vein, 31% of immigrant-headed households are on food stamps, whereas fewer than 20% of native-born households use the welfare program.

Mass migration is not a cheap endeavor. Should it continue it will financially and demographically bankrupt the nation as its welfare state becomes insolvent all while its demographic core gets annihilated by un-ending waves of immigrant invaders.

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