The United States is the Country Sending the Most Aid to Ukraine

According to a report by Statista, the United States government has pitched in the most amount of aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded it on February 24, 2022. Since that time, the US has sent roughly €71 billion in military, financial, and humanitarian aid since the beginning of 2022.

Data from the IFW Kiel Ukraine Support Tracker demonstrated that EU institutions have been the second largest donors (€35 billion), followed by the UK and Germany (€11 billion each) and Japan ($7 billion).

As far as bilateral aid in terms of percentage of GDP goes, several European nations top the US. 

Estonia (1.3%), Latvia (1.1%), and Lithuania (1.0%) are the most liberal donors in terms of military aid as a percentage of GDP. The US is in 12th place, with it donating military aid that constituted  0.3% of GDP. 

Given their rough history with Russia, it makes sense why Baltic nations are pitching in so much aid to Ukraine. These countries have historically been subjugated by Imperial Russia and its Soviet Union successor. So the animosity is understandable there. 

However, for the US, Russia is simply not a threat. There’s no reason for it to be dumping billions of taxpayer dollars into a country thousands of miles away. Instead, the US should be allocating that money towards actual national security threats such as the porous southern border that it shares with Mexico — a country filled with all sorts of nasty criminal actors.

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