The University of Texas at Austin “Faculty Senate’ Approves Anti-White Hate Resolution

On February 14, 2022, the “faculty Senate” at the University of Texas passed a resolution, asserting the principle of “academic freedom” to uphold the teaching of critical race theory aka anti-white hate at the university. CRT is based on the premise that maintains that America is a fundamentally racist country and institutions like capitalism, the Constitution, and the property rights are vestiges of a racist society, and therefore, must be done away with in the name of anti-racism. It’s used to browbeat whites and make them feel guilty for the perceived sins of their ancestors. 

The African American Policy Forum, a leftist group dedicated to social justice and issues regarding gender and diversity, put pressure on the UT faculty to pass this resolution.

However, Adam Cahn of Texas Scorecard noted that finance professor Richard Lowery was one of the few individuals who stood against the resolution.

He declared that the resolution “stunningly hypocritical” when factoring in the university’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies.

“You guys have implemented a political test requiring adherence to critical race theory to be considered for employment and promotion, and now you’re complaining about this hypothetical threat that there might be a ban,” he stated. “You can’t mandate and then complain that someone else is trying to undo your mandate.”

Lowery went on to explain how the university’s way of interpreting the phrase “inclusion” is, in effect, a violation of academic freedom. In addition, Lowery alluded to attacks on right-wing student groups such as Young Conservatives of Texas back in 2018.

“You’re promoting the idea that academic freedom is the collective right of the faculty to decide which ideas are allowed on campus, not the individual right of faculty to express their own ideas,” Lowery said.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick shared his thoughts on the controversial passage of this resolution. He tweeted, “I will not stand by and let looney Marxist UT professors poison the minds of young students with Critical Race Theory. We banned it in publicly funded K-12 and we will ban it in publicly funded higher ed. That’s why we created the Liberty Institute at UT.”

Cahn pointed that while Patrick’s statement is a positive development, words go only so far:

While the lieutenant governor’s comments are certainly welcome, it’s impossible to overlook that the Texas Senate has confirmed every single university regent appointment during his tenure.

The topic of regent nominations was something right-wing firebrand candidate Don Huffines offered his thoughts about:

Insane. Greg Abbott’s regents have allowed Critical Race Theory at our universities for far too long. 

When I am Governor, I will root this Marxist poison out of our state.

Cahn also pointed out that Greg Abbott has his own set of priorities for higher education policy in Texas. In a tweet he published on February 16, Abbott stated “Texas is the new frontier for innovation, research, & discovery!

Congratulating @UTSA & @Baylor, now among 11 Texas universities that have earned the prestigious national Carnegie Tier One research ranking.”

This resolution comes in the wake of the Abbott administration having to deal with a department of the Texas state government that was caught teaching anti-white hate to state employees.

The Texas Republican Party must wake up to the fact that having full Republican control of the state legislature is pointless when its leaders aren’t willing to exercise political power. In addition, when Republicans fall asleep at the wheel and allow the Left to take over local governments, educational institutions, and government agencies, any solid Republican agenda will get derailed. 

The new generation of Republican leaders will have to cover all their bases and make sure the Left doesn’t acquire an inch of power. The Left will not be stopped with just ideas but with solid expressions of political power.

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