The US Government is Considering the Imposition of Sanctions on China

According to a Reuters report that was published on September 13, 2022, leaders in the United States and the European were conducting feasibility studies about the potential of slapping China with sanctions in order to deter it from invading Taiwan.

Press TV reported that the “idea is to take sanctions beyond the measures already taken in the West to restrict some trade and investment with China in sensitive technologies like computer chips and telecoms equipment, it said.”

The authorities in the Chinese mainland insist that Taiwan is part of China and have indicated that they are willing to use force to fully reincorporate it, especially if it makes concrete moves to become independent from the mainland government.

“The potential imposition of sanctions on China is a far more complex exercise than sanctions on Russia, given US and allies’ extensive entanglement with the Chinese economy,” Nazak Nikakhtar, a former senior US Commerce Department official, stated.

According to a Global Times report published on September 13, US elected officials are also entertaining the idea of revising the US’s “one China” policy,

The “one-China” policy is largely embraced by the international community, even the US. Under this policy, China’s sovereignty over Taiwan is recognized. However, there’s a growing bipartisan consensus among DC officials to abandon the “one-China” policy and move towards a more pro-independence policy for Taiwan.

The US government has further fanned the flames by ramping up arms shipments to Taiwan.

In addition, the Global Times reported that the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations was hammering out a draft of the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022. This bill is viewed as a radical shift from the “one-China” policy which Chinese leadership views as an immense provocation.

Indeed, the US ruling class wants to pivot to China once the Russo-Ukrainian conflict subsides. While there are legitimate issues with China in regards to its immigration and trade policies, going to war with it over Taiwan is total lunacy. There’s no national interest here to justify a conventional military conflict that could go to the nuclear level with it.

Instead, America should focus on economically decoupling from China and implementing a full-blown immigration moratorium that would obviously cover Chinese nationals. There’s no need to go to war when dealing with China.

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