The Zelensky Regime Issues Warning to Europe About Preparing for a Harsh Winter

Is Europe on the verge of experiencing a catastrophic winter with energy prices going through the roof?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes so. In a statement he made on September 3, 2022, the Ukrainian president said that Europeans will be staring down the barrel of a brutal winter as Russia begins to cut oil and gas exports to Europe as a response to the sanctions war that the Collective West has waged against it. The Collective West embarked on a full-fledged sanctions campaign against Russia following the launch of its military incursion into Ukraine on February 24.

Zelensky’s statement came after Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that supplied Russian gas to Europe. Russia called attention to the sanctions the US and its allies have imposed on it and other technical issues as reasons for why it’s cutting off gas supplies to Europe.

“Russia is preparing a decisive energy blow on all Europeans for this winter,” the Ukrainian leader said while giving a daily video address.

Russian gas powerhouse Gazprom cut off natural gas flows to Europe via Nord Stream 1 pipeline on August 31, further worsening an already delicate energy situation on the Old Continent.

According to Press TV, Gazprom claimed that the stoppage would only be in effect for three days. However, Gazprom added that the shutdown would be in effect for an extended period of time due to a technical error. The gas heavyweight did not provide a specific time table for the reopening of the pipeline.

“Gas transportation to the Nord Stream gas pipeline has been completely halted until the complaints on the operation of the equipment have been eliminated,” Gazprom declared in a statement. “Until it is repaired… the transport of gas via Nord Stream is completely suspended.”

Europe is going to be in a world of economic hurt due to the combination of its flawed energy policies and bone-headed sanctions against Russia. Many Europeans are learning the hard way about the dangers of joining an alliance that is completely consumed by a fanatic neoconservative/neoliberal foreign policy vision.

If the West wants to avoid a total economic disaster, it must embrace right-wing populist movements that are animated by a realist/non-interventionist perspective.

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