‘Their Goal is Terror’: Sen. Rand Paul Tells the Truth about Black Lives Matter Agenda

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is calling Black Lives Matter a “terrorist” group after months of sustained violence from the organization has rocked the nation.

“Their goal is terrorism. They’re admitting it. If you look at their exchanges online and social media, they’re saying their goal is to terrorize public officials, and really anybody. Many of the people at the restaurants being terrorized are not public officials. But their goal is terror,” Paul said during a recent Homeland Security Committee meeting.

Paul has been the victim of BLM terror in the past. While leaving the Republican National Convention last month, he was hounded by a mob of leftist terrorists who put his family in danger.

The video of the mob terror scene against Paul can be witnessed here:

Paul has typically been a proponent of police reform and has echoed some of the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter activists, particularly on issues like ending qualified immunity and no-knock warrants. That has not stopped the group from attacking him, which has opened Paul’s eyes about the true nature of the movement.

Previously, Paul’s chief strategist Doug Stafford had made snarky remarks to individuals exposing the truth about the BLM terror agenda:

Big League Politics has reported on the BLM is changing hearts and minds in opposition of their racial dominance uprising, including Mark and Pamela McCloskey who confronted the hate mob outside of their home:

The Saint Louis man who confronted trespassing rioters agitating outside of his house spoke with Daily Wire host Michael Knowles on Wednesday, setting the record straight on two reports about himself that have recently circulated. Mark McCloskey and his wife confronted a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters who had broken through the gate of the private community in which he lives while armed, becoming the target of ire from left-wing activists and the city’s Soros-funded Democratic prosecutor.

McCloskey wanted to set the record straight on two important issues, rebuking reports that had surfaced in mainstream media claiming both that he was a Democrat, and that he actually supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

I want to set the record straight on one thing. I’ve been reading a lot of reports about me from the media… Some of whom have accused me of being a Democrat, and I have donated money to various candidates, particularly ones who were personal friends of mine over the years, but I’ve been a lifelong Republican.

McCloskey spoke of the Black Lives Matter in no uncertain terms, describing the group as a Marxist organization and a terrorist group that he in no way supports.

Another thing I’d like to clear up is that the media reports me as being a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and I am certainly not. Black Lives Matter to my understanding is a Marxist organization opposed to everything I stand for and everything I hold near and dear. I do stand for equal justice under the law, but that’s got nothing to do with this terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

A press release originating from the McCloskey’s lawyers had made it seem as if the couple were actually Democrats who supported the movement. It appears likely that the couple’s lawyers took considerable liberties in painting the couple as such, considering McCloskey most definitely doesn’t appear to be a fan of the street riot movement.

Paul naming the problem is a huge first step. More Republicans need to follow his lead, and the Trump administration needs to arrest BLM leaders as domestic terrorists before more carnage occurs.

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