Theologian Slams Pete Buttigieg, Claims ‘Sexually Deviant’ Mayor Belongs Nowhere Near Presidency

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has become a darling of the mainstream media, even Fox News, since his announcing his run for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in 2020.

The open homosexual has paraded around to campaign events arm-in-arm with his husband, kissing on his partner to glorify the LGBT lifestyle.

A controversial theologian has called this out as blasphemy on his radio show.

Bryan Fischer unleashed a rant on his Focal Point program where he called the rise of Buttigieg, the most mainstream homosexual presidential contender in history, to be an “unthinkable” occurrence that would be a tragedy for the moral health of America.

“It’s got to be unthinkable for us even to consider putting a homosexual in the White House as our next president,” he said during the American Family Association (AFA) broadcast. “If you’re an American and you love America, you cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.”

Fischer has worked for the AFA since 2009 and has been listed as an “extremist” by the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center for his Christian beliefs in opposition to the LGBT lifestyle.

“We’re in an odd place right now in our culture in which the very same people who are blasting the president for sordid sexual conduct 12 years ago are lionizing and swarming over somebody who is engaging in sordid sexual conduct repeatedly and proudly today,” Fischer added.

Fischer does not let Trump off the hook for his sexual proclivities, but believes that putting Buttigieg in the White House would be a far worse offense than electing Trump despite his extramarital affairs.

“Now adultery is sexually deviant, make no mistake about it because it deviates from God’s design…but homosexuality, I would submit is even more deviant than adultery because homosexuality puts human body parts to uses that were never intended by nature or by nature’s God,” he said.

Fischer was far from finished in calling out Buttigieg and the agenda he represents. He claimed that “homosexuality is a greater and more manifest threat to human health even than injection drug abuse.”

Putting Buttigieg in the oval office would be akin to electing a President who was “repeatedly, unapologetically, and proudly injecting himself with heroin, cocaine, or meth,” Fischer claims.

While the liberal media is claiming that Fischer is a homophobe and a hater for making these comments, the proliferation of abusive practices since the LGBT movement has come into national prominence back up some of his claims.

As part of the LGBT agenda, children are now featured at strip shows where they undress seductively and gyrate as predators who throw dollar bills toward them.

At ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events throughout the country, convicted child abusers are given intimate access to children to groom them, teach them how to twerk, and induct them into a depraved lifestyle.

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