There Are Some Republicans Fighting for Your Gun Rights

Republican State Representative Josiah Magnuson of South Carolina’s 38th district is no fan of red flag gun confiscation orders

Unlike U.S. Senator of Lindsey Graham, who is sponsoring red flag legislation, Magnuson is standing up to this blatant gun grab.

In a statement to BLP, he described red flag laws as “gun confiscation laws, plain and simple.”

The South Carolina Representative see these laws as gross violations of constitutional liberties. He declared, “Anyone who is supporting them is taking their place beside the worst villains of history to deprive the people – especially anyone with politically unpopular views – of their rights to due process, free speech, and personal defense.”

Magnuson views the “pre-crime” nature of red flag laws as tyrannical and could open the door to further infringements of civil liberties. He believes that Graham should rescind his support for red flag laws and called on the South Carolina GOP to put pressure on him to withdraw this bill.

Trying to predict who will commit a crime and taking their rights away in advance of any criminal act is the stuff of tyranny and has no place in America.  I call on Senator Lindsey Graham to immediately rescind his support for red flag laws.  I further call on all members of the SCGOP to immediately contact Senator Graham and voice their opposition to his attack on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

With other Republicans like Dan Crenshaw folding to anti-gun pressure, gun rights activists will have their hands full in the next few months as they try to keep Republicans from passing the largest gun control expansion in recent memory.

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