There’s Yet Another Statue Removal Protest By Campus Leftists In Virginia

Activists at the University of Virginia want to make the university the next causality of political correctness.

A petition is circulating around campus demanding that the school remove a statue that depicts soldiers in an aggressive pose with a Native American family.

David Swanson is collecting signatures for a petition calling for the removal of a George Rogers Clark statue.

Swanson is currently in contact with UVa President Jim Ryan about the statue.

According to a spokesman, Ryan has delivered the petition to the school’s segregation commission.

Swanson stated, “We’ve all been living in Charlottesville year after year and walking by this statue and not noticing or complaining or making an issue of it.”

He added, “None of the statues [in the area] are actually inoffensive.”

George Rogers Clark was a general born in Albemarle County who fought Native American tribes when the U.S. expanded west in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War.

The statue labels him as the “Conqueror of the Northwest.”

This monument portrays Clark on horseback as a Native American family is cowering in fear and one of Clark’s soldiers is at his side brandishing a firearm.

Anthony Guy Lopez, a member of the Crow Creek Sioux tribe in South Dakota and master’s degree holder in anthropology from UVa, said, “It looks like they’re about to be trampled or killed.”

This is one of two statues that Paul Goodloe McIntire donated to the city in the 1920s with portrayals of Native Americans.

Additionally, McIntire donated a statue of the Lemhi Shoshone guide Sacagawea kneeling before the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The city of Charlottesville is also flirting with the idea of removing this statue.

Lopez claims, “The university is even behind the city. They’ve done nothing to … mitigate the negative message conveyed by their colonial trophy.”

What many conservatives have feared is now coming true.

Confederate monuments were low-hanging fruits for PC activists.

Now, they’re going after any monument that can be construed as racist.

There’s no telling how far the iconoclastic Left will go.

But based on their modus operandi, figures like the American Founding Fathers could soon be fair game if their PC antics are left unchecked.

That’s how far the Left is willing to push the envelope these days.

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