THEY KNEW: Lincoln Project Founders Lied About John Weaver’s Teen Grooming, Grifted in Millions

New reporting from the Associated Press implicates the neocon Lincoln Project in founder John Weaver’s grooming and pedophilia scandal, with consultants employed by the grift caught in a lie about their knowledge of Weaver’s activity.

The Associated Press reports that Lincoln Project operatives were informed in both text and in writing of sexual harassment accusations from ten different young men involving Weaver. This contrasts starkly with the group’s claims following the scandal, in which they played innocence and denied any knowledge of Weaver’s serial grooming and sexual harassment of young men.

Neocon operative Rick Wilson had previously strenuously denied any advance knowledge of Weaver’s deviance, even going so far as to threaten lawsuits against the victims and whistleblowers who accused Lincoln Project staff of knowing what the former John McCain and Kasich consultant was doing.

The Associated Press’s report also paints a damning picture of the organization’s financial structure, with a vast majority of funds raised for the project used to fund the purchase of luxury homes and consultant grifts operated by the group’s members. Out of $90 million raised, only $27 million was spent on political advertising, much of it on self-congratulatory and promotional content geared towards Americans who already opposed Donald Trump.

The neocon group is now in free-fall from the bevvy of scandals and potential crimes involving its members, with even President Joe Biden himself urging his political staff to separate themselves from the Lincoln Project. It’s likely it’ll diffuse into legal squabbling over money and control of the left-wing brand within months, with the has-beens sitting atop the grift having outlived their usefulness to the political left.

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