ThinkProgress Editor: ‘Eliminate Republicans’

In another segment of “the left wing media hates you and wants you dead,” an editor from far-left ThinkProgress went off the rails and Tweeted about eliminating Republicans late Tuesday night.

“F*** bipartisanship,” Ian Millhiser said. “Republicans are bad. They have bad morals and bad ideas. The goal should be to eliminate them utterly as a political movement and then allow a center-right party to move into the vacuum which has basic skills like arithmetic and not being racist.”

According to Millhiser and the vacuous crowd that finds his content compelling, all Republicans are racists, and he should have control over which political parties are “allowed” to exist. But in a hypothetical world where the “center-right” party that Millhiser is looking for was dominant, the left would still call its members racist. So I say we blow Millhiser off and keep going.

On the subject of morals, Millhiser is not exactly a titan.

“Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy,” he Tweeted in September.

For one, Ian, we have all the guns. Try confronting us where we sleep, and see how that works out.

The political left continues to ratchet up its rhetoric against the political right in an already tumultuous political climate. Seething with Trump hatred and lacking any coherent policy or strategy, far left lunatics like Millhiser have resorted to rage. It is all they have left.

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