Third Witness Claims Bill Clinton Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Infamous “Pedophile Island”

A longtime Bill Clinton aide has revealed the 42nd President visited Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island” of Little St. James in the Virgin Islands, becoming the third witness to claim he had traveled to the island.

Doug Band started as an aide in the Clinton White House in 1995, going on to serve as a post-presidency advisor to Bill Clinton until 2012. He indicated to Vanity Fair in a story released Wednesday that Clinton had visited Little St. James in January 2003, noting he declined to travel with the former President on the trip. Band eventually ended his relationship with the Clintons, citing connections to Epstein as a cause. “I don’t want anything to do with that world,” stated the former political operative to Vanity Fair.

Band goes on to speak of a relationship between charged Epstein “madame” Ghislane Maxwell and the Clintons, revealing that Chelsea Clinton invited Maxwell to her wedding in New York in 2010. Epstein had been convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008.

Two other witnesses formerly associated with Epstein himself claim to have seen Bill Clinton personally on the island. These incude Virginia Giuffre, a woman who was trafficked and abused by Epstein as a minor, and Steve Scully, who worked as Epstein’s handyman for the island.

Bill Clinton has been on that island. I saw Bill Clinton sitting with Jeffrey on the living room porch,” stated Scully in a May Netflix documentary. Scully would later resign from Epstein’s employment, citing his knowledge of the sex crimes the pedophile billionaire was engaging in on the island. None of the witnesses that claim Clinton visited the island say they’ve seen him engaging in sexual activity.

Clinton has consistently denied that he ever visited the island, where Epstein engaged in prolific sexual abuse of minors and trafficked women. He reportedly provided travel documents to Vanity Fair that didn’t detail a trip to the island around the same timeframe. However, three credible witnesses- two with connections to Epstein and one with connections to Clinton himself- all claim that he did in fact travel to Little St. James.


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