THIRD WORLD COUNTRY: Californians Ordered to Turn Off Air Conditioning to Save Energy By Los Angeles Mayor

The mayor of Los Angeles instructed residents of his city to turn off their air conditioning and major appliances on what may have been the hottest day in the city’s history on Sunday. The demand to limit electricity use is similar to what occurs in third world countries, where the public loses access to power for large sections of the day because existing energy systems are insufficient to provide amenities such as air conditioning.

Mayor Eric Garcetti made the demand in a Sunday tweet. His tone seemed to imply that he wasn’t asking politely, although Los Angeles isn’t going to do anything to enforce his demand.

You can’t simply tell people to “use a fan instead” on a day with temperatures as high as 120F. The attempt at social engineering will simply fail.

Members of the public made it clear they were rejecting the mayor’s rationing demand on Twitter, declining to go without air conditioning to preserve energy.

California requires a considerable 33% of power generated in the state to come from renewable sources, a regulation that may have played a role in the general shortage of energy in the crowded and overpopulated state in one of the hottest summers in recent memory.

Electrical utilities in California would go on to confirm that a considerable blackout is expected as the state incurs a hot early September.

Climate change is real, and is caused by a variety of factors- some of which progressives refuse to acknowledge, such as mass immigration-driven population growth and reluctance to embrace nuclear energy.

California appears primed to become a de facto third world country, in which rolling brownouts, non-existent or faulty public infastructure, rampant inequality, and housing shortages are merely a fact of life.

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