This 90-Year Old Grandma Beat Coronavirus and Is Recovering

A Washington family is celebrating as their 90-year old grandmother recovers from a case of the Chinese coronavirus.

Geneva Woods is a resident of a senior care facility in Washington state that incurred a significant spread of the novel disease starting last month. She tested positive for the deadly virus on March 6th, and had already suffered a stroke in January this year.

The grandmother was brought to a Seattle hospital a day before the positive test. She incurred a severe fever and was placed on oxygen.

At one point, Woods’ family had assumed that their relative was set to depart from this life. They were allowed to visit her in a contagion-protective clothing to say their last goodbyes.

But Woods fought on and by March 15th her symptoms had significantly declined. Her family rejoiced when she came back with her first negative test result, a major hump for those battling the disease.

Woods has five children, eleven grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren. Her family is describing her as a “bat out of hell,” citing her resiliency and will to live in spite of the disease’s severe symptoms. Woods’ daughter, Cami Neidigh, recounts her mother telling her that she was going to fight the debilitating disease in order to make her family proud through a glass panel at the hospital.

Woods is waiting on one more negative test result before being discharged from the hospital. Her family is planning on keeping her in home isolation for the next few weeks.

Woods’ daughter is testifying to the power of thoughts and prayers. Coronavirus has been known to ravage senior populations, but if there’s any indication from the 90-year old grandmother, there’s a great will to resist it among older Americans as well.


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