This American First Candidate in Pennsylvania Wants to Help Trump Drain the Swamp

Donald Trump’s presidency has reinvigorated conservative youth across America. Many young conservatives have grown tired of the previous neoconservative order that made “politics as usual” its standard operating procedure.

A desire for a more America First approach has grown among the youth. Trump getting elected was the first step. Now, the youth must be willing to step up and lead in order to make Trump’s agenda a reality.

One of those individuals in question is Bobby Jeffries, a Millennial candidate running in Pennsylvania’s 10th district. BLP had the pleasure of interviewing Jeffries about his candidacy and how it will carry out President Trump’s vision.

Could you give us a brief bio about yourself.

My name is Bobby Jeffries. I am a lifelong resident of Central Pennsylvania, born and raised in Hershey. I work as Director of Logistics, Warehousing, and Shipping for my families health and wellness business, Jackson GI Medical.

What are the biggest issues that your campaign will be tackling in this election cycle?

I believe that America’s future is big, bold, and very bright. However, we cannot look back through the trash-heap of history’s failed ideas to propel us forward.

The Democrat Party has moved rapidly and radically to the far left. They are brainwashing young Americans into embracing socialism, instead of the freedom we deserve.

We must secure our borders, defend our second amendment rights and demand total freedom of speech. Big tech companies are interfering in our elections through manipulation of search results and politically motivated censorship of content. If we do not reel in Big Tech the American people will lose the ability to be the ones who decide the outcomes of our elections.

Who are you running against and what makes them unqualified to represent the 10th district?

I am running against an incumbent career politician, Scott Perry, who did not support our President until it was politically expedient to do so. He has repeatedly violated his own promises to abide by term limits and is a do-nothing back-benching member of Congress. He doesn’t hold town halls in the district. He rarely comes back to the district to interact with constituents and doesn’t understand the needs of the residents of Central Pennsylvania.

Simply put, he is ineffective and does not deliver for this district.

How do you see yourself advancing President Trump’s America First agenda?

I will use this campaign and my time in office to aggressively push the Presidents America First agenda. To me, it is all about leading in a way that puts America first and Pennsylvania first.  We cannot continue to keep putting forward establishment career politicians who are unwilling to stand tall for President Trump. I will not be a fair-weather friend and ally.

What does your campaign bring to the table that the incumbent and other potential challengers aren’t offering?

Our President has fundamentally changed the Republican Party and is moving our nation in the right direction for the first time in decades.

I’m running for Congress to help him seal the deal for the long run. We elected Donald J. Trump in 2016 because the American people were tired of the brand of politics where anything goes, nothing gets done, and everyone gets re-elected regardless.

We must continue to drain the swamp and give the American people the bold and unapologetic leadership that they deserve.

To quote our President, we stand at a moment of unlimited potential. Therefore, to me, America’s future is big, bold, and very bright. But that future can only come to fruition with fresh faces, new solutions, and boundless energy.


The 2020 elections are quickly approaching. President Trump will need all the help he can get, especially from Congress.

On issues from scaling back gun control to fixing immigration policy, Trump will need solid an America First coalition in both chambers of Congress.

Having candidates like Jeffries in Congress would help the President tremendously in realizing his America First agenda.

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