This GOP Senate Campaign Spokeswoman Really Hates President Trump & Thinks You’re Unpatriotic For Voting For Him

Big League Politics has obtained anti-Trump social media posts from a communications director for a GOP U.S. Senate Candidate from Virginia.

“You’re not a patriot if you’re “sucking it up and voting for Donald Trump,” said Laura Meyers, Communications Director for VA U.S. Senate Candidate Nick Freitas under her  “Liberty Laura” account.

The Freitas campaign has attempted run the ruse that the candidate supports Trump. Big League Politics has extensively reported on his misleading claim.

“How do you convince Trump-loving rednecks that civil liberties are important?” she asked in another post.

She also thinks that President Trump is a fascist because he kicks protestors out of his rallies.

Meyers’ pre-election Facebook posts are simply another example of the Trump-hate that drives the Freitas campaign, referring to Trump supporters as “Trumpkins” and suggesting that they do not care about Constitutional rights:

Meyers then claimed that she did not support any major candidate for president in 2016:

Later, she endorsed her support for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

“Donald Trump sexually assaults women,” Meyers stated. This, of course, is an unproven claim.

She also called Trump supporters “Hitler Youth.”

Meyers even wanted Trump’s passport revoked and suggested that he had not paid his taxes in full, another unproven claim.

She also posted anti-Trump rhetoric from her personal page too. On one occasion, she called Trump supporters “cucks,” a term that suggests sexual submissiveness, and calling Trump their “orange leader.”

Meyers expressed her disappointment when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) endorsed Trump’s presidential bid.

Does this resemble the rhetoric of anyone who even remotely supports President Trump? Of course not, which is why Freitas hired Meyers to speak on behalf of his campaign.

Meyers did not return Big League Politics’ request for comment.

Freitas is anti-Trump in his own right. Big League Politics reported:

“In deleted social media posts from 2015 and 2016, Freitas referred to President Trump as a ‘5-time draft deferring ‘tough guy’ who would ‘take some candy from a small child . . . or maybe kick a kitten.’ He also wrote on social media that Trump was not a candidate for ‘liberty-minded conservatives.’

In February, Freitas riled up Trump supporters, saying that Trump ‘makes people cringe’ with some of his statements.

Freitas even shared a post written by ardent Never Trump blogger Matt Walsh during the 2016 campaign.

‘I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I have many reasons, for instance I dislike everything about him,’ wrote the edgy Walsh, apparently appealing to Freitas’ sensibilities. The post continues, describing Trump as a ‘crony capitalist,’ a ‘sensitive, petty man with a thin skin,’ and a ‘whiny trust fund baby’ with a ‘non-existent character.’ Freitas, of course, has now unshared the post.”

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