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This is What The Declassified FISA Documents Will Reveal



Tonight, many Americans are looking to President Trump’s rally in Las Vegas for an announcement on when the public with see the declassified FISA documents that launched the Russian Witch Hunt. President Trump announces the declassification on Monday, September 17th.

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As reported by Sara Carter, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Monday, “the President is potentially risking the lives of our patriots by compromising sources and methods, all so he can advance falsehoods and false narratives that distract from the truth of the Trump-Russia scandal.”

In fact Chairman Goodlatte had sent a letter dated January 16, 2018  (HERE is the letter) asking the FISA court judge, Judge Collyer, if she refused to provide the FISA documents. Collyer also signed off on the first FISA warrant on Carter Page BLP reported a little over a month ago that this same judge was critical in her Memoradum of Opinion in 2017 about the FISA application and signing off on it.  EXCLUSIVE: Judge Who Signed FISA Warrant Strongly Criticized Lynch and Clapper

BLP’s exclusive sources have provided all the FISA documents with redactions (HERE) and we have been examining them for weeks. All non-redacted portions of the initial FISA warrant and application have been analyzed, along with all subsequent FISA renewal documents we have noticed a apparent trend.

It’s important to understand that to obtain a FISA warrant, you must apply for it. The application must detail the purpose of the intended warrant and what specific information is sought. It must also demonstrate how your application follows all laws and showcases the NATSEC need for it.

Before dissecting the primary FISA warrant application for Carter Page, we need to circle back to a previous article: SENATE DOCS: Manafort’s ‘Russian Partner’ In New Charges Is Linked To Fusion GPS Spy Natalia Veselnitskaya

This article referenced questions asked to the now known operative of Fusion GPS, Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya. Veselnitskaya underwent questioning in mid October of 2016.  Her questioning came before the FISA warrant application for Carter Page was submitted.  Looking through the primary FISA application you will see that Igor Divyekin is mentioned on page 20. Mr. Divyekin is also mentioned in the questions asked by the Senate Judiciary Committee to the Fusion GPS operative Veselnitskaya, along with Carter Page’s name.

Notably, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, questioned the Fusion GPS operative and this is why Sessions was forced to recuse himself. In addition, Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower evidently provided a substantial amount of reasoning and the basis for warrants to surveil Trump Tower and for other FBI surveillance measures on the Trump campaign including the Carter Page FISA warrant.

Below are the four most telling portions of the initial application for the FISA warrant and the primary warrant itself and important parts are annotated in red.

The process to obtain a FISA warrant is to submit an application to the FISA court. A Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI is required to verify the information outlined in the FISA application and then the administration, in this case the Obama Administration signs off on it.  Once all the signatures have been gathered, it is submitted to the FISA court for review and issuance of the warrant by the designated Attorney of the DOJ for this case.

The RED ‘X’s are indicative that those persons no longer hold that position and or are no longer part of the current administration.

Notably, the first renewal application for the Carter Page FISA warrant was longer that the primary one and was executed in JANUARY 2017 before the Trump Administration had taken full control of office. It is important to note and observe that Andrew McCabe signed the Primary FISA application and all three subsequent renewals.


The second renewal of the Carter Page FISA warrant occurred in April of 2017.  Once again, we can see all the important signature pages, and again the majority of signers are no longer with the administration. These signers had just assumed their new position at the time of this second renewal or have been promoted to another position in the future.  One key person to pay attention to is Dana Boente who resigned as US attorney to the FBI on October 27, 2017.


The final FISA renewal happened in June 2017 and the only new hire was Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan.

Almost EVERYONE signing these FISA applications has been fired or has resigned with the exception of the newly hired Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, General Mattis, Rod Rosenstein and Dan Coats.

Recently, the New Yorker reportedvideo of the exchange that quickly went viral and sparked speculation that Coats’s future in the Administration might be short-lived. The exchange infuriated Trump and other White House officials, who saw it as disrespectful toward the President. Both Dan Coats and Rod Rosenstein have continuously dodged the questions about whether President Donald Trump asked them to intervene in or downplay the FBI’s ongoing Russia investigation in the past. Though, the pair have remained consistent saying that they have never felt pressure to act inappropriately.  During the time frame that they were signing off on the third and final Carter Page FISA renewal application they stated the same, as reported by Politico.

Last but not least, General Mattis claims that his run for 2020 on a ticket separate to that of President Trump is just rumor but he has never said that he will not be running in the future, in both past and recent news reports. This is the same General Mattis who has butted heads with President Trump on matters like pulling out of the Iran deal and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

The trend is apparent and BLP has obtained exclusive information indicating that maybe President Trump isn’t wrong about considering removing General Mattis.

Deep State

Spy-gate Whistleblower Calls Out Republican Senate for Not Subpoenaing Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper

This whistleblower believes the GOP Senate is protecting these disreputable spooks.



Steven Schrage, the man who unwittingly set up former Trump foreign-policy adviser Carter Page with federal informant Stefan Halper while he was a Cambridge University PhD candidate, is speaking out about the unethical process that went into setting up the deep state’s spying operation against Page.

“I had had a long background working on crime and terrorism at the White House and Congress, and went to Cambridge to finish a PhD I started years earlier at Harvard, and my intent was always to have a conference that looked at presidential campaigns and national security risk,” Schrage said to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News.

He explained that the Cambridge Four, a bumbling crew of disreputable spies including Halper and infamous phony dossier writer Christopher Steele, used his conference as a way to subvert the Trump administration and boost their sagging careers.

Schrage said that Halper grew intently involved after Page joined the conference as a Trump administration representative and tried to work Page to get into the White House fold. Big League Politics broke the story of Halper being an intelligence operative deployed by the deep state to inform on the Trump administration years ago.

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“The spark that I really think set this off was when Stephan Halper, Christopher Steele’s old boss Richard Deerlove, and Page were all together, and Trump was portrayed to my surprise as a national security threat, and that’s when the interest really started to bubble in terms of where this took off,” Schrage said.

Halper served as Schrage’s PhD supervisor while at Cambridge. Dealing with the man, Schrage noted the tremendous incompetence and poor temperament of Halper, and how individuals who reach the heights of academia and the intelligence community are often buffoonishly inept.

“One thing I will say that was quite unusual is even after Carter Page had been kind of smeared improperly as a ‘Russian spy,’ Stefan Halper would profusely thank me for introducing him to him,” Schrage said, noting that Halper received multiple six-figure federal payouts for his assistance in the operation.

Schrage expressed outrage that the Republican-controlled Senate has refused to subpoena these spies despite the fact that they were responsible for much of the illegal surveillance against Trump’s associates that occurred at the behest of the departing Obama administration.

“None of the Senate has subpoenaed these or called these people to talk in four years. I think that’s the smoking gun. How are these people being protected? And how are we at a point so close to the election, and with Flynn’s hearing coming up, that nobody has called these people and gotten to the bottom of this?” he wondered.

The entire video can be seen here:

In addition, Schrage wrote an op/ed on the blog of journalist Matt Taibbi detailing exactly what happened while he was embroiled in a scandal that would go on to put Watergate to shame.

“The remaining mysteries of Russiagate are too important to be turned into a game of political football, or buried until after the election when unsubstantiated allegations could be dug up to sabotage Vice President Biden if he is elected president — as I believe was done to President Trump,” Schrage wrote.

“An FBI source had information that should have stopped Carter Page’s invasive surveillance in August 2016 before it started. A covert anti-Trump operative sought to be appointed to one of the world’s most powerful positions that could be used to undermine the president,” he continued.

“This should not be turned into an “October surprise” or later used to throw any new presidential administration into chaos.Allowing politicians and national security officials to cover up or even profit from abuses of power, puts us on course for even greater disasters. America can’t afford another government and media strike out, after four years of too much denial, incompetence, and coverup,” he concluded.

If the truth about this deep state spying operation is heard and fully understood by the public before November, Trump is looking at another four years in the White House.

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