This Man Says He Was Wrongfully Convicted For A Crime He Did Not Commit. Do You Believe Him?

Thomas Evenstad: Minnesota’s “Innocent Man?” The shocking, untold story of possibly Minnesota’s worst case of wrongful conviction. Join us as Laura Loomer Illuminates the Truth and blows the lid off of Minnesota’s Dirty Little Secret.

This Is A Statement From The Desk Of Thomas Evenstad of Saint Paul, Minnesota. These are the viewpoints and statements of Mr. Evenstad and Mr. Evenstad alone. The name of the victim has been redacted. At the end of this statement, YOU will have more information with which to make up your mind: Is he telling the Truth?

“One of the worst nightmares imaginable in this country is being an innocent person, falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of a sex crime. I should know, since it happened to me over twenty years ago.

A nightmare equally horrific, if not worse, is trying to find anyone to help you. Once again, I’m a credentialed expert in this area having spent the last 20 years contacting everyone I thought might be willing to help to no avail.

Enter Laura Loomer.

On October 25, 2012, I established a blog dedicated to telling and showing the world what happened to me, who’s responsible and how they did it.

I’m trying to prevent what happened to me from happening to anyone else ever again in this nation where being an American means FREEDOM.

As I wrote in my wrongful conviction blog six years ago, praying everyday for twenty years and staying in faith no matter how brutal my torture:

Not just one life is irreparably damaged by one wrongful conviction, but rather dozens, if not even more depending on how blessed one was with having family, friends and loved ones. The toll is great for those who love the wrongfully convicted. Trust me I know.

I watched my Dad grow old from behind bars for a crime that never occurred. I cried in my cell after he left trying to be strong for me and looking stoic when he walked out of the Visiting Rooms at Stillwater, Lino Lakes, St. Cloud, Moose Lake, and Oak Park Heights. I knew as soon as he got to his car every time he visited me (which was weekly no matter where the State had stashed me) he would break down. My Dad.

The anguish, heartbreak, pain, and tears are not separated by the bars that falsely imprison an innocent man.

I wrote a letter to (REDACTED) in 2003 or 2004 after my Mom died and I PLEADED with her to tell the truth of our consensual encounter. Her response was to call the prison and try to get me in trouble. That is the character and integrity of the State of Minnesota’s “rape” “victim”. Years later, when (REDACTED) requested of Connolly Restitution for her “Medical Bills”, Connolly had no choice but to refuse her because there were no medical bills, because she was lying about having been raped. I’ll post those documents. These documents are very telling.

It all began on a telephone “chat line” called The Buddy System in 1997. I was meeting women representing to be of legal age or older. (18 here in MN) It soon became clear to me that despite the service’s admonitions to hang up immediately if you are under 18 years of age, that there were minors using this chat line…

The State of Minnesota, and Police Agent Beth Roberts (OBLIGATED TO PROTECT & SERVE) arrested me at my home on Friday, March 6, 1998 for a “crime” that never occurred. 

My name is Thomas Evenstad, and I am Minnesota’s Innocent Man.

In, 1999, at age 30, in the prime of my life, I was Kavanaughed (Falsely Accused) of rape by a then 18-year old woman named (NAME REDACTED) of Minnetonka, Minnesota.

I want the world to know what happened to me.

If I can be falsely accused of rape and convicted, no man is safe. I’m white, highly intelligent, well educated and innocent.

Just look what the left did to Brett Kavanaugh.

I want the world to know the depths of the cruelty the “State of Minnesota” (in reality a small group of people in the criminal justice system or faux “ law enforcement”) has put me through, and the indescribable devastation that one false claim to police and later in court under oath has caused.

Rather than accepting responsibility for her own actions and behavior and face potentially being grounded, (NAME REDACTED) chose to play a rape victim and cruelly and callously destroyed my life.

Here’s an excerpt from my Wrongful Conviction blog the Minnesota State Government and Judicial Branch attempted to scrub:

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

This website will become a Central Repository of pertinent documents and narrative that will, over time, show you exactly how I was wrongfully convicted. You will have access to all of the exculpatory evidence (evidence of innocence) that was available at trial, and yet the jury never heard or saw. You may ask, “Why didn’t the jury see or hear the exculpatory evidence?” Good question. Because my own attorney, Fred Goetz, refused to call the witnesses I requested and pleaded with him to call at trial, and Introduce other Exculpatory Evidence (evidence of innocence) like a statement from Charlene and Crystal Breezee which corroborated and proved my so-called “Conspiracy Theory“) that you will learn about later. 

What helpful evidence Goetz did try to put on was met with objection by the State, and the trial judge, Francis J. Connolly, just sided with the State time and time again. You will see the mountain of shocking evidence that has never before been presented for the public to see and you can decide for yourself if a Manifest Injustice has occurred that cost an innocent man 10 years of his life and a life sentence as a “Rapist”, and “Sexual Predator”, etc., or if the State of Minnesota got it right in removing a rapist from the street. 

You are cordially invited to review all of the evidence and then decide for yourself: Did the State of Minnesota wrongfully convict me? My jury never had that chance. Now, you will have that opportunity. You be the Judge. My beloved Mother passed away while I was serving time for a “crime” which never occurred, much less would I (or did I) commit.

Here’s a few bullet points I’ll touch on until the evidence  proving my assertions/statements is publicly posted, which is in progress now.

(REDACTED) and I met on a blind date on a telephone sex line called the Buddy System and had a consensual sexual encounter at my duplex in Richfield.

Despite claiming to have been “raped”, once (REDACTED) made her false rape claim she was unable to narrow the date of her alleged sexual assault beyond “Sometime between October 25, 1998 and November 18, 1998″ as my criminal complaint/charging instrument states.

Despite working as a nurse’s aide at Methodist Hospital at the time of our tryst, she never sought any medical treatment nor counseling after we met.

Although Ms. (REDACTED) never sought medical attention or counseling costs, that didn’t prevent her from seeking restitution. When Trial Judge Francis J. Connolly (promoted to the Minnesota Court of Appeals following his Hit Job on me from his Bully Pulpit told (REDACTED) to produce evidence of her alleged “medical bills and counseling costs” she caved.

Only after I foolishly called her parent’s home where she lived and threatened to tell her parents what happened,  did she claim rape. Classic alibi function in action. Add attention-sympathy getting device and revenge and you’d have 3 of 4 of the reasons women falsely accuse men of rape.

I have, by far the worst case of wrongful conviction in State history and, frankly, one of the worst in the history of this nation.

I should know since I spent all ten of my years incarcerated researching and studying wrongful convictions.

I am the Founder of the Minnesota Innocence Project, who ironically have covered up for the corrupt, evil criminals representing the “People” of the State of Minnesota responsible for this shameful sham for two decades:

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, a corrupt, racist “Minister of Justice” whose idea of Justice is Framing me, giving a Get Out of Jail FREE card to numerous actual rapists on the University of Minnesota’s Football and Basketball teams

Yes, these “student-rapists” ran “trains” on unconscious or semi-conscious  victims and videotaped it all, shared amongst each other and social media.

Mike Freeman announced there was “insufficient evidence” to bring sexual assault charges against the University of Minnesota’s Celebrities.

He made no similar announcement or decision in my case.

Instead, he and his equally corrupt minion,  Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Stuart E. Shapiro maliciously prosecuted me knowing I was innocent.

Senator Amy Klobuchar committed perjury at the Kavanaugh Hearings when she falsely claimed she only prosecuted guilty people. When I reached out to her for help several years ago, she sent her handlers after me. Some punk named Zimmerman routinely threatened me for Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar has these stupid, bleeding heart liberals fooled in this state.

If Minnesotans knew Klobuchar protected Freeman’s frame, they would vote her out of office. Amy Klobuchar is so morally bankrupt she has refused the repeated pleas of my now 91 year old dad to meet alone with him.

Thanks to Democrat rule and Twin Sanctuary Cities, Minnesota is the most dangerous state in America.

Jeff Johnson never raised this issue in his campaign. I reached out to him and spoke directly with him offering my expertise and assistance to get him elected Governor of Minnesota. He rejected my ideas to win.

Sadly, the same with Karin Housley, who would’ve won had she pounded her opponent Tina Smith about why Minnesota has essentially DECRIMINALIZED PARENTAL RAPE.

I would think voters would want to know that under Democrat rule,  Minnesota is the most dangerous state in America for children.

The sole police officer involved, disgraced ex-Richfield Officer Beth Roberts, who was allowed to resign in disgrace vs being fired for chronic tardiness, simply not showing up for her shifts, and poor job performance per Roberts’ personnel file I obtained years ago via a Minnesota Data Practices Act/FOIA request. I also spoke with the brass about her.

In another ironic twist that Hollywood has nothing on, this corrupt, disgraced former dirty cop, who even the Minnesota Court of Appeals held “improperly prompted” (pointed me out to witnesses/victims in photo line ups who Roberts knew had never met me in person), was tapped by MNCASA (Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault) to train police throughout the state how to properly investigate sexual assault.

I wish I was making this up. Obviously, the people at MNCASA have no idea of who they’re dealing with when it comes to “Agent” Beth Roberts.

Some fast facts about my case:

I spent ten years in prison for a “crime” that never happened.

Ryan Ferguson was fortunate enough to have been wrongly convicted in New York where the Innocence Project is located. He was exonerated, got ten million dollars, and won’t even respond to several attempts to reach him.

Similarly, Marty Tankleff received help in New York and received about $13M dollars. Marty wouldn’t take five minutes to help me at all.

I’m eligible for anywhere from $750,000.00 to $1,500,000.00 under the Exoneration Compensation Statute:

Minnesota’s exoneration compensation statute was enacted in 2014 to set up a framework for compensating people who had served prison time after wrongful convictions. Under the law, an individual can seek between $50,000 and $100,000 per year of imprisonment.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner ( has offered to conduct a comprehensive 1000 page file review for $3000. When I was in the Ramsey County “Workhouse”, the State (via jail staff) refused to give me contact info for Zellner, but I managed after a few months to find a cool guard who gave me her phone and address.

If anyone wants to invest in all or part of this $3000 file review, any monies can be directed to Laura Loomer with my name, who will forward to Ms. Zellner.

Kathleen Zellner has been able to reverse the convictions of nineteen other men, and has gotten them, on average about $500,000.

I believe God puts us in each other’s lives for her to help me get my life back so that I will be able to help others once my modern day Scarlet Letter is erased.

My Dad and I had hoped Mark Haase would defeat Freeman in the November 6 election. Mark had given me his word he was opening a conviction integrity unit and that I was his new unit’s first test case.

The injustice occurs on both sides of the Mississippi as Ramsey County District Attorney, and now promoted to Criminal Division Director Richard “Rick” Dusterhoft framed me all over again at now civilian Ex-Sheriff Rich Stanek, Stu Shapiro and Beth Roberts’ directives by weaponizing my First Amendment rights against me with illegal, unconstitutional geographic and internet bans.

This 2014 Frame 2.0 occurred after I sued then President Barack Obama for $420 billion dollars in a class-action lawsuit over the government’s hypocrisy regarding marijuana being illegal, which has cost thousands of lives from the opioid epidemic and veterans reaching for a gun blowing their brains out vs reaching for a bong or blount to stop the fear receptors from firing.

Local media City Pages ran a story about my latest business venture involving medical marijuana, and state officials began to plot how to discredit me:

State Officials increased their surveillance of me and ultimately had me apprehended at gunpoint eight days after I announced my decision to run for Minnesota Governor.

State government officials, especially the establishment faux law enforcement led by now ex-Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek were angry at me when I referred to the Thin Blue Line between a patient and their doctor as “moral pollution”, sued Obama as mentioned and announced my candidacy for Minnesota Governor in 2014.

Within eight days of my announcement I had Staneks’s goons on the SERT Team Deputies Marshall and Kasperek arresting, assaulting and battering me.

I’m 3 for 3 in my lawsuits today in State courts  as I successfully sued Stanek’s Jail in 2005, the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (Minnesota Officials attempted to permanently silence me via life in sex offender prison) but God saw me through that as well to get to the other side and Illuminate the “Program” in my blog the State has tried to demand Google delete to no avail:

Google defied Court orders demanding my blogs be scrubbed. Google responded to the heavy handed tactics to censor me as a political prisoner by determining my blogs were “newsworthy” and in the “public’s interest.”

Laura Loomer is the only person in twenty years willing to investigate my claims (Voice Crying from the Wilderness) of innocence, wrongful conviction and mental, physical, and spiritual  torture for 20 years because the people who did this to me have never had anyone attempt to hold them accountable

The media has covered for the state instead of telling my story.

Ultra Liberal homosexual Tom Lyden of Fox9 is so stupid he’s sat on the biggest story of his career for 20 years. I would’ve been FREE if any media outlet had ever let me tell my story. I’m elated it will be Laura Loomer.

The State of Minnesota is about to be Loomered & I love it!

The State of Minnesota has gone to extraordinary lengths for twenty years to punish me for non crimes.

In 2012, I created my wrongful conviction blog which in the earlier posts I describe in detail the essence of my case, and detail the evidence involved:

Ask yourself who penned this? A rapist or an innocent man. See Paras 36-54

Here’s the 5 page memorandum the Innocence Project of Minnesota withheld from me when I needed it on my federal habeas corpus appeal.



FR: Alexander H. De Marco, Summer Clerk

RE: Thomas Wayne Evenstadl Brain Fingerprinting

DA: June 1 2004


Thomas Wayne Evenstad was convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the first degree on May 20, 1999. He frequented the Buddy System chat line where he and others apparently solicited romantic encounters, sometimes leading to intercourse. Though initially charged with numerous counts against three victims, the State dropped the charges relating to two of them the day before the trial. Through Spriegl evidence the two alleged victims ofpast acts testified for the State to implicate him for rape of the complainant. One Spriegl witness was unable to identify Evenstad as the man who allegedly assaulted her. The second witness was acquainted with Evenstad, though Evenstad claims that they never had sex and there was not enough evidence to show rape.  

The complainant claims that Evenstad forced her into intercourse, while Evenstad maintains that it was consensual. Several other initial complainants later recanted their statements, one of whom was given a description of Evenstad’s room by the acting complainant herself. He has claimed that his is a classic case of vengeful rape accusation and that students could benefit from studying his case.


It seems clear that Evenstad may very well be innocent. At trial, it was shown that these allegations only arose after he made it known to Eyewitness News that he was concerned about the chat line and wanted it shut down. Several conversations took place online that seem to indicate that there was a conspiracy to accuse him of rape, and several of those who were initially involved had said that indeed, the complainant had orchestrated this conspiracy. He was convicted solely on sketchy testimony by Spriegl witnesses and a woman with whom he admits to having consensual sex with. No biological evidence or eyewitness testimony was presented by the State. In that regard his determination that his case would compliment a legal curriculum has merit.


In conclusion, Thomas Evenstad may very well be innocent and brain fingerprinting may be good science, but he is still a convicted rapist who is claiming consensual sex. He has asked us to help him carry out a creative strategy of proving false the testimony of a witness by reading her mind. I do not believe we have the resources at this time to represent Mr. Evenstad in this endeavor, nor am I confident in the plausibility of his exoneration. Further, the consequences of introducing this technology in an effort to exonerate him may be counterproductive to our mission. For these reasons I respectfully recommend rejection of Mr. Evenstad’s case.



Alexander H. De Marco

Summer Clerk

Innocence Project of Minnesota

In Pensacola, Florida before 15,000 Patriots, President Donald J. Trump said, “Decades of political failure and corruption will come swiftly to an end, and a New American Future will begin.”

The citizens of this country will be in charge once more.

The special interests have had their day. That chapter in our history is closing.

The history book is closing on the failed politicians of yesterday. A new chapter is beginning, and this chapter will be authored by you, the American people.

This will be your time. You will be running the show. Not the donors, not the insiders, not the media executives.

Once more, we will have a government of, by and for the people.

Stay tuned for updates. This is an exclusive, developing story.

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