This Old Photo Shows Creepy Joe Has A Thing For Feet

Biden Foot Fetish

Photos uploaded to Twitter appears to show former vice president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden being creepy, this time with a woman’s feet.

Photos show a younger Biden appearing to caress feet while in on airplane, with one photo showing Biden with his tie loosened, handling what seems to be a woman’s foot with both hands. In the second photo, Biden, with a wide grin, is handling the feet with at least one hand.

The photos appear to take up two pages in a magazine or book of some type. It is unknown when the photos were taken, but they appear to have been taken when Biden was a senator in the 1980s.

The photo spread was uploaded to Twitter by Barstool News Network with the joking caption, “Joe Biden. Huge feet guy.”

Biden, coined “Creepy Sleepy Joe” by President Donald Trump, has a long history of strange interactions with women and children.

Earlier this year, Biden was the subject of a quickly forgotten #MeToo scandal after a half dozen women came forward saying the presidential candidate made them feel uncomfortable by sniffing their hair or otherwise acting creepy in their presence.

Then, a week ago, he made headlines by touching a 10-year-old girl with both hands and telling her “I bet you’re as smart as you are good looking,” while at a campaign event.

Big League Politics reported:

Former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden struck again Tuesday afternoon, grabbing a ten-year-old girl by the shoulders and putting his face inches from hers, just moments after telling the child she was “good looking.”

“I’ll bet you’re as smart as you are good looking,” Biden told the 10-year-old girl at an American Federation of Teachers town hall in Houston.

The girl was chosen to ask him a question, which he answered. Then, he got personal with her, complimenting her on her looks. When she said her favorite school subject was journalism, he grabbed her by the hand and walked her over to the press corp at the back of the room, where he placed his hands on her shoulders and his face right next to hers. The girl looked visibly uncomfortable.

Fittingly, Biden was endorsed by disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti in April, who is perhaps better known for his moniker, Creepy Porn Lawyer.

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