This Outlet Dubbed Mexican-Born Congresswoman Mayra Flores The ‘Far-Right Latina’

There has been a shift toward voting Republican amongst the Latin demographic under president Joe Biden’s leadership. This was recently made evident when representative Mayra Flores won her South Texas special election in a historically Democrat stronghold.

As Big League Politics previously reported, Flores is making American history. She is a conservative who will soon become the country’s first Mexican-born congresswoman. And many see this victory as a sign for more Republican victories – especially amongst Latinas and Latinos – in the months to come.

Put differently, it’s clear that a tide is shifting, and that the corporate press is not happy about it. Many outlets are already looking to dub Republicans like Flores as the next “boogeyman” and “threat to democracy” that voters ought to be wary of.

For instance, according to The New York Times, the recent Flores victory signals a rise in far-right extremism. Then the outlet went as far as to dub the representative “a far-left Latina” (at least they didn’t label her “Latinx”).

Per the outlet: “Representative Mayra Flores is one of three Republican Latinas vying to transform South Texas politics by shunning moderates and often embracing the extreme.”

Of course, this framing is nonsensical, because the real reason Flores won her special election is due to Republicans being more successful than Democrats in their attempts to appeal to Latin voters. Not to mention the Latin demographic has been especially critical of Democrats and their party’s efforts under Biden.

For one example, Latin voters do not like any of the wokeness that has plagued this current administration. They are not fans of the political correctness that often gets prioritized over inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and our failing Southern Border.

But, as to be expected, instead of pointing those real hot button issues out, news outlets like The New York Times continuously choose to blast the Latin demographic for moving towards “extreme” politics.

They routinely draw connections between this rise in so-called extremism and Trump; who is still recalled as the ultimate boogeyman (even years after his presidency) and the number one reason voters should elect Democrats in the 2022 midterms. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s the only tactic Democrats have left.

“The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina,” the Times said.

“Representative Mayra Flores became the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in more than a century after she won a special election last month and flipped the congressional seat from blue to red,” it continued.

Then the outlet, displaying just how out-of-touch it is with everyday Americans, decided to link mentions of God, family, and country to QAnon conspiracy.

“Her campaign slogan — ‘God, family, country’ — was meant to appeal to what she calls the ‘traditional values’ of her majority-Hispanic district in the border city of Brownsville. She called for President Biden’s impeachment,” The Times added. “She tweeted QAnon hashtags. And she called the Democratic Party the ‘greatest threat America faces.'”

Somehow these talking points, alongside “traditional values” make you a far-right extremist in today’s Joe Biden liberal empire.

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