Thomas Massie Believes the Biden Regime Wants to Ban Modern Firearms 

After President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving Day critique of semi-automatic firearms, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted that the Biden regime wants to destroy the concept of semi-automatic firearms ownership. 

According to Breitbart News, Biden used his Thanksgiving Day speech to declare that semi-automatic firearms have “no social redeeming value.”

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart noted how semi-automatic firearms are an integral part of everyday life: 

Semiautomatic pistols are the firearm of choice when it comes to defensive carry. They are the firearms police carry, the duty sidearms our military carries, and part of the very system of weapons the U.S. Secret Service uses to protect Biden.

Due to the vast usage of semi-automatic firearms among the American population, Massie believes that Biden’s critiques of these firearms is tantamount to criticism of “modern firearms.”

Massie would later tweet the following: 

Americans rejected Pelosi’s gun control schemes in the mid terms, yet here is Biden saying he wants to ban modern firearms, and maligning most gun owners.

Gun control is not about finding commonsense measures to address gun violence, it really boils down to people control. To achieve that, the complete prohibition of regular firearms is necessary. 

Whatever gun control proposals are being put forward at the moment are merely just gradualist measures that are directed towards the endgame of abolishing the right to bear arms altogether. 

The Right would be wise to not cede an inch to Gun Control Inc when it comes to gun control. As they say, when you give your enemies an inch, they’ll take the whole mile. 


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