Thomas Massie Unfollows Project Veritas After James O’Keefe Gets Forced Out of Organization

After James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, was forced out of his organization earlier this week, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie came to his defense on Twitter. 

In a tweet where Massie posted an Epoch Times column detailing O’Keefe’s unceremonious departure, he tweeted, “I’ve seen this before. I’m unfollowing @Project_Veritas.” 

According to a BLP report, “James O’Keefe has been forced out as CEO of Project Veritas following an investigation into his alleged improprieties from the organization’s board of directors.” Curiously, the move to remove him as Chairman of Project Veritas came on the heels of the organization’s shocking release of a report that exposed Pfizer’s Wuhan virus gain-of-function science research.

Massie’s comment is likely referencing the ouster of Cliff Maloney, who formerly held the position of president at Young Americans Liberty, over allegations of sexual misconduct. 

These incidents showcase the many dangers of internal politics within non-profit organizations. YouTube content creator Eric July argued that business owners and people operating non-profits “have to be very careful” about how they do things and the kind of people they bring on to a respective board. In July’s view, these kinds of people have the power to remove the very founder of an organization for whatever reason they see fit. He stressed the need for business owners and organization leaders to exercise caution with whomever they bring into an organization. 

While details about O’Keefe’s removal remain scarce, it appears that this move was likely part of a coup to get rid of someone who is arguably one of the most effective conservative activists of this generation. In all likelihood, Project Veritas will not survive without the likes of O’Keefe at the helm. 

We should never forget that oftentimes the Right’s biggest enemies lie within not without. It would behoove other right-wing leaders to use the Project Veritas ordeal as a cautionary tale of the dangers of bringing in people who are not thoroughly vetted into a corporate board. Today’s alleged friend can turn into tomorrow’s enemy.

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