Thought Police at Twitter Force Ann Coulter to Delete Tweet in Support of Kyle Rittenhouse

Long-time conservative commentator Ann Coulter was compelled by Twitter to take down a tweet where she lavished praise on Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot several agitators in self-defense during protests that followed the shooting of Jacob Black in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Truthout reported that Coulter previously shared a tweet from another user who said that Rittenhouse should be their bodyguard.

Coulter had shared a tweet from another user that said they wanted Rittenhouse to be their bodyguard.

In a quote tweet, Coulter pressed the issue even further. “I want him as my president,” she declared.

Not too long after, Coulter ended up taking down the tweet. According to a Twitter spokesperson who was in touch with Salon, the social media company made her delete the post due to how it allegedly violated the social media platform’s rules.

“The tweet glorified violence, specifically condoning an act of violence that may be replicable by a civilian,” the spokesperson commented.

Rittenhouse was charged on August 27, 2020 with first-degree intentional homicide first-degree reckless homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide. In addition, he was slapped with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and a misdemeanor charge of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person below the age of 18.

The Rittenhouse case demonstrates how little the political class cares about the right to self-defense. In addition, there’s a strong disdain for controversial expression on social media platforms these days. One of the main fixtures of the 2020 election cycle has been Big Tech’s aggressive censorship campaign against Trump’s staunchest supporters.

Without a comprehensive effort in containing Big Tech’s censorship powers, right wing thought will likely get extinguished from the Internet.

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