Thousands of Afghans Celebrate Departure of American Forces, Rise of Taliban Government

Thousands of Afghans demonstrated in public celebrations following the final departure of American military personnel from the country on Tuesday, publicly hailing the country’s new Taliban Islamist government in a rejection of western liberal democracy the United States had sought to install in the country.

In peculiar fashion, locals in Afghanistan’s Khost province demonstrated with both the Afghan Taliban flag, and the previous flag of the US-backed puppet government.

The demonstrations verged into anti-western hatred, with Khost locals draping American and British flags over coffins to commemorate the end of the NATO presence in the country.

Afghans in the legion of Logar hailed a giant Taliban flag flying above the city of Puli Alam.

Crowds of Afghans were also seen welcoming Taliban fighters into Kabul with joy earlier this month, raising questions about the loyalty of the people in what was supposedly Afghanistan’s most liberal and westernized region.

The nation of Afghanistan, one of the poorest and most underdeveloped in the world, largely rejected attempts to implement western values such as the education of women, religious tolerance, and democracy. President Joe Biden cited the nation’s military’s refusal to fight the Taliban as justification to end the war, refusing to risk the lives of Americans in an endless military campaign when the Afghan military declined to do so itself.

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