Thousands of Caravan Migrants Agree to Stop Traveling North in Return for Mexican Visas

Thousands of migrants traveling northward through Mexico as part of a thousands-strong ‘caravan’ have agreed to give up their attempt to breach the borders of the United States in return for residency visas in Mexico.

The caravan, which was organized in October, assembled more than 6,000 migrants near the Mexican city of Tapachula. Members of the caravan were largely from Central America and Haiti, following the border siege carried out by Haitian migrants at the Del Rio International Bridge south of Texas in September.

Mexican authorities assert that leaders of the caravan have agreed not to organize any further de facto armies bound for the US border in return for the agreement, but caravan leaders dispute that such an agreement was made. Luis Garcia Villagran of the Soros front group Pueblo Sin Fronteras repudiated such a deal, suggesting that the caravan organizers will attempt to reach the United States in the future.

Mexican authorities negotiated a deal with the migrants to “begin a process that will allow them to regularize their legal status.” Mexico will transport migrants to states throughout the country, where they’ll be provided permanent residency and work permits.

The Biden administration has set the single-year record for illegal immigration, staunchly refusing to deport illegal immigrants and leaving the southern border open to a constant stream of infiltration.

Under the Trump administration, cooperation with the Mexican government proved a game-changer in deterring illegal immigration, with the ‘Remain in Mexico’ protocols lowering illegal immigration to levels not seen in years. The deal was promptly ripped up by President Joe Biden, squandering the partnership between the two countries to deter the root causes of illegal immigration.

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