Thousands of Croatians March in Pro-Life Rally

In what is becoming a trend across the Western world, thousands pro-life activists in several Croatian cities Saturday fought to protect the lives of the unborn in the country’s “March for Life.”

“In Zagreb, police briefly detained around a dozen women’s rights protesters who tried to block the annual ‘March for Life’, which drew some 5,000 people to the centre of the capital,” according to Zagreb AFP.

The coastal towns of Split and Zadar were home to thousands more pro-life marchers.

“Let’s protect the most endangered minority in Croatia — unborn children,” read a banner carried by protesters.

The pro-life activism in Croatia, a largely Catholic country, is part of a larger trend. While Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri all enacted laws to protect the unborn, the pro-life cause in Italy, another Catholic country, is going mainstream.

Big League Politics reported:

Aleteia reports that pro-life causes are going mainstream in Italy.

Italian actor and comedian Andrea Roncato has built a reputation for being a playboy throughout his career. Now at the age 80, he has embraced a more reserved lifestyle.

On an Italian entertainment show Verissimo, Roncato revealed his prolife change of heart. The childless Italian actor told the show host:

I miss having a child. It was the mistake of my life. When I was very young, I had the chance to become a father, to have a child, but I had him aborted. Now, I’ve become very strongly against abortion. I even wrote a book for this child who was never born, titled I Would Have Liked You [‘T’avrei voluto’ in Italian].

Since Matteo Salvini became Interior Minister of Italy, the country has taken a rightward shift on various issues.

Instead of falling for the same fate that other EU countries have faced when it comes to mass migration, Salvini’s government has cracked down on illegal immigration.

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