Thousands Of Flights Cancelled As Pilots Strike Before 4th Of July

An airplane touching down.

Travel is getting more difficult by the day! Thousands of United States airline flights have been cancelled leading up to the 4th of July weekend admid record staffing shortages and strikes by pilots, The Post Millenial reports.

A total of 5,827 US flights were delayed on Thursday, while another 639 were cancelled.

According to PM’s report, Delta Airlines pilots went on strike outside several major US airports Thursday, including LAX, JFK, Atlanta, and Sea-Tac to protest frozen contracts beginning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta warned customers that they may have to deal with significant travel delays and cacellations prior to the holiday weekend.

American Airlines has reportedly experienced slowdowns on over 700 flights, 88% of which have been directly attributable to staffing shortages.

Communications Committee chairman for the Allied Pilots Association and American Airlines pilot Dennis Tajer said that the airline company is delaying flights 24 hours before their planned takeoff in an effort to make the number of cancellations appear lower.

“American Airlines is claiming that they have the pilots to fly the summer schedule. They’ve said that they have a training backlog, but we’re good,” Tajer said.

“We don’t believe them. Based on our numbers, they do not have the pilots and staffing to get this done. We’ve warned them for months and month. This is a broken record, the needle is skipping on the same groove of the vinyl,” he explained.

The Daily Mail reported that a whopping 75,000 passengers have been negatively affected by flight cancellations from American Airlines in just the past two days.

“The house is on fire. We have buckets of water and they’ve told us not to move,” Tajer said.

Tajer told reporters that pilots have attempted to work in overtime in order to mitigate the prices but American Airlines has repeatedly refused to play ball.

“What’s even worse, we have solutions to better utilize us. We’ve told them for the last two summers, but they’re not interested,” he said.

In related news, the Biden administration has attempted to work towards political solutions on the issue. US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, for example, held an online meeting with CEOs of major United States airlines to ask that they provide more reliable transportation going forward.

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