Thousands of Trump Fans Boo #NeverTrump Bob Corker To His Face

If you’re going to attack President Trump, it’s probably not a good idea to show your face at one of his campaign rallies. But soon to be former U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee didn’t get that memo, and showed up anyway.

During the rally, President Trump introduced Sen. Lamar Alexander, immediately followed by his colleague Bob Corker. While Alexander received applause, the entire crowd booed Corker, who was standing in the crowd at the time.

Trump was in Tennessee to show his support for Rep. Barbara Blackburn who is fighting to take Corker’s place in the Senate after his term expires.

Corker, who has always been weak on many of Trump’s important issues, has gone off the rails in the past year. He first made waves attacking the President, claiming that he is “debasing” the nation, and that he was “not going to┬árise to the occasion as┬ápresident.”

Those statements caused President Trump to fire back, calling Corker a “lightweight.”

He has also more recently angered Tennessee Republicans after praising the Democrat opponent of Blackburn, and taking an unnecessarily long amount of time to give her an endorsement, which was seen as very weak.

Sen. Corker appears to have angered Republicans in his home state so bad that even Trump’s introduction isn’t enough to make them like him.

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