Three Charged in Alleged Hate Crime Spree Targeting Bay Area Asian Women

Three men have been arrested and charged for an alleged hate crime spree involving ‘dozens’ of purse snatchings and robberies in the San Francisco area, prosecutors and the San Jose Police Department announced on Friday.

Authorities have charged 23-year-old Derje Blanks, 24-year-old Anthony Robinson, and 27-year-old Cameron Moody after a year-long investigation spanning multiple jurisdictions. The men are accused of more than 40 purse robberies, with authorities alleging they specifically targeted Asian women out of a belief that the demographic didn’t use banks. The three men, who allegedly used a game plan of smashing car windows and grabbing the purses of victims in the passenger seat, are also accused of abusing their victims with racial slurs during the robberies.

Robinson and Banks were arrested on September 8th, with the former injuring a two-year old child and her father when he tried to flee arrest in a car chase. The two men were booked into Santa Clara County Jail on more than 70 charges of felony robbery. Moody was arrested on Thursday. Even more crimes are still under investigation by area law enforcement agencies.

The three arrestees are black, dousing a persistent left-wing narrative claiming that recent incidents of hate crime targeting Asians in California and across the country are motivated by “white supremacy.”

It’s dumbfounding that authorities proved unable to arrest these alleged serial thieves months or years ago, with a constant stream of crimes likely to create a smorgasbord of evidence. San Francisco authorities are notoriously reluctant to prosecute incidences of property crime, with businesses left to the devices of drug-addicted homeless shoplifters leaving the area in exasperation.

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