Three People are Charged with Trafficking a 9-Year-Old Boy for Profit into U.S.

Officials say that three individuals have been charged with conspiracy to smuggle a 9-year-old boy from Mexico to Texas to be sold.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a U.S. citizen living in Piedras Negras, Mexico, Elida Moreno, was paid $1,700 to use her son’s birth certificate to smuggle the boy in question. Officials believe that the boy is a victim of a kidnapping.

According to officials, Moreno entered the country through Eagle Pass, where she and the child stayed in a hotel before heading to San Antonio the next day.

She was asked by a friend’s neighbor to meet with Mexican citizen Nery Dominguez at Santa Rosa Park. At this spot, she would hand over the boy for $2,500.

At some point during this encounter, the friend’s neighbor told Moreno to not hand over the boy. This friction apparently caused “a struggle between Moreno and [Dominguez],” officials say.  San Antonio Police quickly arrived at the scene and arrested Dominguez.

Afterwards, Moreno was instructed to take the boy to Victor Monsivais, 65, instead. She turned the boy over to Monsivais at a truck stop in San Antonio, according to official reports.

Homeland Security Investigations intercepted the boy and Monsivais during a sting operation in a grocery store parking lot in San Antonio on Wednesday morning, according to a KSAT report.

On Tuesday, Moreno was pulled over in Batesville, TX, where she was questioned at a Homeland Security facility in Eagle Pass.

Moreno, Dominguez and Monsivais are now facing conspiracy charges while Moreno was also slapped with a charge of “bringing an illegal alien into the U.S. for profit” and “making a false statement to a federal official upon conviction.”

This is just one of many cases demonstrating the need for stronger border security and an overhaul of the American immigration system.

Mass migration comes with dangerous side effects, especially when U.S. laws are not up to the standard of addressing the very real problems awaiting America across the border.

It’s only natural that the American electorate is becoming restless on this issue.

A proper immigration enforcement regime could prevent situations like these.

BLP reports that immigration is the primary issue that GOP voters value during the 2020 elections.

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