Tim Kaine Speaks At Open Borders Rally, Attendees Call to Abolish ICE

A U.S. Senator from Virginia spoke at a “Families Belong Together” rally in Richmond, VA where protestors vocally called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“The President thought he could separate kids from their parents, and the American public wouldn’t care” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) to protestors. “That’s the only reason he did it. He thought they wouldn’t care. But the President realized that America has a moral gag reflex and we are revolted by his decision.”

It is well established that the current border policy has been in place since at least the Bush administration. The faux-outrage is a tired routine, but somebody has to play Senator. Watch the full clip here. Speaking of gag reflexes, the clip is pretty cringeworthy.

More importantly than the Senator’s dog-and-pony show is the fact that protestors at this event were in completely in favor abolishing ICE.

Watch, starting at minute 29 where they begin their chant:

“Take home this message,” the speaker said at the closing of the rally. “We will abolish ICE together. We will free these families together. But only if each of us does our part of the work. So let’s close on an ‘Abolish ICE’ chant and then head home.”

The protestors proceeded with the chant.

We know that the lawless left hates ICE, and even protests the organization when it arrests child sex traffickers. Why put pedophiles in jail when America could have open borders instead? But abolishing ICE used to be a relatively fringe opinion. It was agreed upon, until recently, that we had to have some kind of security at the border.

President Trump has driven the political left so mad that they only way they can seem to react is by moving further left. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) called for the abolishment of ICE just last week.

Big League Politics¬†reached out to Kaine’s office to see if they still held a sane position on the issue, but received no response.

Kaine and his ilk in the mainstream media have been unkind to Kaine’s opponent, Corey Stewart, in the ongoing U.S. Senate race.

Stewart’s past association with a politician who made anti-Semitic remarks long after the two were friendly has been treated like a scarlet letter. Chris Cuomo chided Stewart for not “denouncing the extremism on [the political right]” during a CNN interview, which is both ridiculous and factually inaccurate.

If Kaine is to be judged by the same standard –¬† the company he keeps – is it safe to assume that he wants ICE abolished, just like the protestors he rallied with? Is his failure to denounce them a de facto agreement with their views?

Playing by the rules of the left, perhaps it should be considered that way.

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