Timcast IRL EVACUATED Over ‘Potentially Credible Threat,’ Marks 9th Swatting For Show Since Jan

During Wednesday’s live stream of the Timcast IRL YouTube show, the in-studio crew was instructed to evacuate the building due to a “potentially credible threat.”

At around 9:30 pm EST, as co-host Ian Crossland was speaking, Tim Pool suddenly announced to the rest of the team that they needed to evacuate the premise.

Watch the intense scene below:

According to Pool, there have been 8 other “swatting” attempts over the past year. And as those familiar with the show have noticed, each new attempt has been met with increased levels of seriousness and police involvement from the Timcast IRL team. They have also been forced to increase security on site to combat said threats.

“Since January, there have been 8 other ‘swattings’ and one other incident of the bomb squad coming out,” Pool later said upon re-entering the studio. He also added that all “credible threats” meant the team would not be documenting details, because “when the bomb robot came out, [police] told us no filming was allowed.”

Pool added, “every single threat results in a police response… when you get ‘swatted’ the cops show up in full force.”

Shortly after the evacuation, Pool tweeted out: “Potentially credible threat, Police on site, Specialists en route, Keeping details to a minimum for security reasons”

Fortunately, it seems as though the threat was either mitigated by law enforcement, or it was not as credible as originally thought. It’s hard to decipher because the team is choosing to share minimal details with the public to avoid “copy-cat” actors.

“WE ARE ALIVE! Just chilling with the cops,” Pool added on the YouTube live stream chat after their evacuation. The message was displayed during the never ended broadcast which showed an empty studio. The chat remained online throughout the whole situation.

At approximately 11:40 pm EST, officers were visible on the show’s live stream. They searched the studio for only a few minutes, then left.

Co-host Lydia Leiterman said this to The Post Millennial: “We are just chaperoning crawfish across the road while we wait.”

At around 11:45 pm EST, Pool tweeted out to his curious and worried followers, “cops just entered and swept the room.”

“I’m ready for bed,” Pool added. He has routinely talked about how tiring these “swattings” have been to him and his team. As this uptick in attempts to possibly frighten the hosts of the show, or simply interrupt broadcasting, has forced the team to enhance security and go through various motions to ensure safety for staff and the premise.

At around 12:15 am EST, the Pool team and guests re-entered the studio. Pool reiterated his annoyance with the whole situation again by restating, “I’m so tired, how you guys doing?”

“Tommy, we owe you another show,” Pool apologetically said to guest Tommy Altman due to the unforeseen interruption.

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