Timothy Mellon Donates $53 Million to Texas Border Wall Fund

Timothy Mellon, the grandson of banking magnate and United States Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, donated $53.1 million to Texas’ border wall fund on October 6, 2021. This donation made up nearly 98% of private donations the fund has raised thus far.

According to estimates from Forbes, the Mellon family’s wealth is around $11.5 billion.

Mellon is currently based in Wyoming and owns the New England railroad company Pan Am Systems. He made the stock donation in August according to a report by the Texas Tribune. Per figures from the Texas Governor’s office, the border wall fund has raised $54.3 million as of the end of September.

Mellon was a big donor to former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020. In one case, Mellon made a hefty contribution of $10 million to the America First Action PAC per reports from the Federal Election Commission. 

According to Forbes, the Mellon family has a net worth of $11.5 billion, which puts the Mellons in 28th place as far as America’s wealthiest families are concerned. 

Back in May, Abbott made a disaster declaration for 34 counties, alluding to the increased levels of mass migration at the border to justify his decision, that let him re-allocate $250 million in state funds as a “down payment” to construct the border wall. 

Although there are plenty of wealthy who are down with the globalist agenda, there exists a significant minority who still believe in preserving the Historic American Nation. It’s fitting that a Mellon would step up to the plate to help preserve American sovereignty. Timothy Mellon’s grandfather Andrew was arguably the best Treasury Secretary in history, whose fiscally conservative reforms during the Harding and Coolidge administrations helped America boom throughout the 1920s.

It’s good to see that Mellon’s descendants are still working diligently to preserve the Historic American Nation. More of America’s patrician classes should follow in Mellon’s footsteps.

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