Tommy Robinson Thrown in British Gulag for Over a Year for Filming on Street

An English free speech activist has been sentenced to 13 months in jail for filming on a public street in Leeds, Yorkshire, England today.

Tommy Robinson, Founder of English Defence League, was arrested outside a court for filming as members of an alleged grooming gang reported to court for trial. “Grooming gangs” as they are called in England are nothing more than child sex trafficking rings. The Orwellian term is used to sanitize the behavior because Muslims are the prime culprits of such activity.


“This is where we’re at,” he said. “You’re not even allowed to [speak]. I’m inciting people? “How have I incited people? This is free speech.”

Robinson was officially arrested for “suspicion of breaching the peace.”

He was then sentenced to 13 months in jail because he was on a suspended sentence.

Robinson was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court in May 2017 after he tried to film four Muslim men who were on trial accused of raping a teenage girl. Citizen journalism and freedom of expression are frowned upon in England.

He has long documented the savage behavior of Islamic “refugees” who have been brought to the West, and for this he is despised by the leftist British government.

In fact, 29 Muslims were part of the trial that Robinson was filming – eight of them named Mohammad, he remarked.

Robinson has found support among other free speech activists, including Canadian journalist Lauren Southern:

“Tommy Robinson has just been sentenced to jail for 13 months,” she tweeted. “There is a UK reporting ban. No one there is allowed to talk about it.”

Southern was recently deported from the U.K. under the National Terrorism Act.

“After a brief detention, Southern was given a deportation notice, and as for her reason, the notice stated that she was “involved in the distribution of racist material in Luton,”” Big League Politics reported.

Whether Robinson will survive the prison sentence is a serious question. Islamic gangs are prevalent inside British jails, and that could spell trouble for Robinson.

“If Tommy is put on a regular prison wing he will not survive,” said British pundit Katie Hopkins. “This is how the British State cleanses those it would prefer silenced. At least the Russians do it in the open.”


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