Tony Blair is Promoting New Campaign for Biometric Digital ID

Former UK Prime Minister and notorious globalist Tony Blair is promoting a controversial plan to grant every British citizen a digital ID. Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net noted that this would involve the use of “new biometric technology to store a person’s passport, driving license, tax records, qualifications, and their right to work status.”

Blair previously attempted to roll out digital ID cards during his tenure as Prime Minister (1997 to 2007).

Tony Blair and former Conservative Member of Parliament William Hague have gone on record saying that technological innovation compels the government to become more digitized when it comes to the provision of services.

Jake Berry, a Conservative Member of Parliament, was critical of the digital ID proposal describing it as a “creepy state plan to track you from the cradle to the grave.”

Blair and Hague announced their digital ID scheme in an article for The Times, in which they said “politics must change radically because the world is changing radically.”

“We are living through a 21st-century technology revolution as huge in its implications as the 19th-century industrial revolution.”

The two former public officials asserted that current politicians were “in danger of conducting a 20th-century fight at the margins of tax and spending policy when the issue is how we harness this new revolution to reimagine the state and public services.”

They called for digital IDs for every citizen. In addition, they pushed for “a national health infrastructure that uses data to improve care and keep costs down, and sovereign AI systems backed by supercomputing capabilities.”

During an interview with BBC Radio 4, Blair called attention to how countries “as small as Estonia and as large as India” are gravitating towards digital IDs.

“If you look at the biometric technology that allows you to do digital ID today, it can overcome many of these problems,’ Blair stated.

Big Brother Watch, a pro-civil liberties watchdog organization, criticized Blair for advocating for a digital ID system.

Big Brother Watch director Silkie Carlo declared: “Sir Tony and Lord Hague are absolutely right about the need for the UK to take leadership in technological innovation, but this means protecting people’s rights and privacy, not reviving failed proposals for an intrusive mass digital identity system and a database state.”

Carlo continued: “A sprawling digital identity system of the type described by Sir Tony and Lord Hague is utterly retrograde and would be one of the biggest assaults on privacy ever seen in the UK. The public has consistently opposed mandatory ID systems and there is absolutely nothing to suggest the public would want or support such a digital ID system now.”

Macon noted that Blair recently pushed for global organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Trade Organization (WTO) to push national governments to introduce “digital infrastructure” that tracks which individuals have been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

Blair is a globalist par excellence. He promotes all of the causes — mass migration, never-ending wars, political correctness, and tech tyranny — that the ruling class enjoys. In many respects, Blair appears to be making some re-entry into British politics. If British voters had any sense, they would make sure to not allow him to assume public office ever again. 

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