Top Mueller Prosecutor Calls for Grand Jury to Set ‘Perjury Trap’ for Roger Stone and Paul Manafort

Andrew A. Weissmann, who worked as a top attorney in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation, is openly calling for prosecutorial abuses following the pardons of Trump associates Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

Weissman is calling for authorities to set a “perjury trap” for Stone and Manafort in order to gather political dirt on his opposition. He claims that authorities would be able to violate the 5th Amendment rights of Stone and Manafort in this situation:

Trump pardoned Stone and Manafort on Wednesday, part of a pardon spree that has enraged the political establishment.

“I wish to praise God and give my deepest thanks to President Donald J. Trump for his extraordinary act of justice in issuing me a presidential pardon,” Stone said.

“I humbly thank you for the Presidential Pardon you bestowed on me,” Manafort wrote in a tweet. “Words cannot fully convey how grateful we are,” he added, referring to his beloved family who he is spending Christmas alongside due to Trump’s pardon.

Big League Politics reported on Weissman’s illicit actions throughout the Russia-gate farce, including reportedly leaking documents to the press to hurt President Trump:

Paul Manafort’s attorney Kevin Downing is not taking the charges against his client laying down, and is going on offense against the leak-prone Mueller legal team.

Andrew Weissman is believed to be leaking to the media about the investigation to get favorable news coverage at the Associated Press.

Judges are already skeptical of the charges against Manafort because they have nothing to do with Russia collusion or anything having to do with Trump and insiders believe it was just a set-up to get Manafort to “flip” on Trump (same with the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office first thing in the morning).

Richard Pollock reports:

  • “Paul Manafort’s lawyer said Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s deputy has leaked details of the investigation into Russian collusion
  • Senior Assistant Special Counsel Andrew Weissmann met with Associated Press reporters, which led to four news stories
  • Weissmann went to a Hillary Clinton election party and gave support to then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates for defying President Donald Trump…”

Big League Politics first blew up the story about Team Mueller’s conflicts of interest with Clinton in July 2017, focusing special attention on the attack dog Weissmann.

Following the vote steal, the deep state is emboldened to enact Soviet-style justice across the former land of the free. America may not survive four years of Biden if the color revolution coup to oust President Trump is successful.

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