Top PR Firm Cautions Woke Corps To Stay Out Of Roe V. Wade Fight

Conservatives have been playing political hardball with woke corporations through boycotts, and by giving their business to alternative companies with similar values and beliefs.

Now, it seems as though those efforts are finally paying off.

According to an internal email from one of the nation’s top public relations firms; politics and business don’t mix well – especially when dealing with hot-button issues like abortion.

The email from Zeno, a PR firm representing brands like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, warns that abortion is a “textbook 50/50 issue.” Then it ultimately advises its portfolio to ignore everything regarding the SCOTUS draft leak and potential overturn of Roe V. Wade for fears of “alienating stakeholders.”

Executive Vice President for Media Strategy Katie Cwayna then added, “do not assume that all of your employees, customers, or investors share your view.”

“Do not engage with direct questions about your company’s position. Whether in direct messages or public-facing posts, do not respond to questions about where your company stands on this issue,” she continued.

This email is probably incredibly surprising for conservatives. As it was just a little over a year ago when woke corporations had no problem making drastic moves and headlines while alienating half their customers just to be on the right side of an issue politically.

Remember when the MLB moved their All-Star game away from Georgia over the state’s new voter ID law?

At the time, many on the right were quick to point out the hypocrisy of these woke companies, as they continued to do business in countries with far more oppressive regimes. Boycott movements were even born out of this.

Now, companies like Coca-Cola are seemingly moving towards an apolitical position, and it’s probably because they don’t want to lose any more money.

It’s no secret that the MLB, Coca-Cola, and Delta all faced immense blowback from conservatives after taking a stance on Georgia’s new voting laws. As conservatives vowed to boycott their products, and now as we’re learning, many followed through.

It seems as if these corporations have learned their lesson, and they’re now trying to make amends.

A recent report from Axios showed that a whopping 91% of Republicans say they’re more likely to buy products from companies that share their values.

And, of course, it’s not just about abortion.

Conservatives have also been boycotting Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Walmart for their gun policies.

Notably, these companies have all made changes to their policies following the boycotts, proving that conservatives do have power when they use their wallets.

It’s time for more corporations to learn that lesson.

The email from Zeno is a reminder that corporations are happy to virtue signal as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line – but as soon as it does, they’ll revert back to apolitical posturing.

This is something that conservatives need to remember when voting with their wallets. We have more political power than most of us realize. This story proves that.

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