Top Vote Fraud Whistleblower is Working to Bring Forensic Audit of Ballots to the State of Michigan

Former state senator Patrick Colbeck appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss his efforts to bring a forensic audit to the state of Michigan.

Colbeck explained what is going on through multiple levels in the state of Michigan to expose the election fraud that occurred last year.

“I challenged the election results after the 2016 election… And they actually found examples of election fraud, 31 counts,” Colbeck said, showing how he has been concerned with election integrity since long before Trump ran for re-election last year.

“This is not about whining about the 2020 election results. This is about making sure that we maintain and protect election integrity,” he added.

Colbeck has emerged as one of the most credible opponents of election fraud nationwide, which has resulted in him being targeted with threats from Dominion Voting Systems and Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel.

“People have been very generous helping out… This is not about me. Most of the stuff that I have talked about is information that others have shared with me, and I’m just vocalizing it and taking all the arrows as a result of it, frankly,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of consolidating that information and putting it in terms that actually hopefully explain a little better exactly what happened in this 2020 election because it was stolen. There was rampant fraud,” Colbeck added.

Colbeck was at the TCF Center in Detroit watching the steal happen in real time as tens of thousands of ballots showed up at the dead of night with no accountability and transparency. These are the ballots that ultimately erased Trump’s lead and gave the state to Biden.

“If it wasn’t for me seeing it first hand, I don’t know if I would be as passionate about investigating what is happening here… I saw the internet connection on those devices. I’m not going to let these guys get away with it,” he said.

Colbeck said that the state Republican Party has dropped the ball in terms of the response to election fraud as well. He said that all “audits” that have taken place in the state have been insufficient, and the Republican-dominated legislature has done little if anything to ensure accountability.

“They’ve had a few committee hearings, ya know, some long ones, and they listened to a lot of people and then they responded by saying there was no evidence of election fraud and that most of the testimony they received was just hearsay and uneducated people sharing their lack of knowledge about how our elections are supposed to be conducted,” Colbeck said.

“I can tell you the people who testified before that committee knew a heck of a lot more about elections than the people who were sitting on the other side of that microphone,” he added – referring to the Republican lawmakers who have turned a blind eye to fraud out of cowardice.

Colbeck explained how the Republican-controlled legislature is shrouding crucial information from public view with regards to the election fraud that occurred last year.

“[The oversight committee] subpoenaed the election data in Livonia and Detroit… They made the due date for that data in January 12, six days after the certification up in Washington D.C… The data that they did receive, they forced anyone who wanted to look at it to sign a non-disclosure agreement. How’s that for transparency?” he queried.

Even though the odds may seem daunting, Colbeck is encouraging the little people out there to keep rattling the cages of the corrupt individuals in power. He believes that enough “meddling kids,” so to speak, will be enough to bring this system of organized coordinated fraud crashing to the ground.

“I think an important role that everyone can play is to get this information out because once you see it, it’s undeniable that these people stole the election. We’ve got affidavits up and down talking about stuff that never should happen during an election,” he said.

“We’ve got non-certified software being installed that allows for direct manipulation of the voter database. We’ve got 4G modems being embedded in the motherboards on voting machines to connect them to the internet. The evidence is undeniable,” Colbeck added.

Thousands of signed affidavits are going to be delivered to the Michigan state capitol next Thursday to demand a full forensic audit similar to the one currently taking place in Arizona. Big League Politics will provide updates on the progress of this noble effort to save the democratic process.

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