Total Failure Tudor Dixon Blames Humiliating Loss on America First Republicans

Failed candidate Tudor Dixon, the donor-class establishment’s pick for Michigan Governor, came out with a weak and malicious statement today blaming her loss on Michigan Republican Party officials Meshawn Maddock, Ron Weiser, and Paul Cordes. The statement comes in response to a MIGOP Memo released by Chief of Staff Paul Cordes detailing exactly what he believed went wrong during the 2022 Midterm Election in Michigan where Dixon lost to easily defeatable tyrant Gretchen Whitmer by nearly 11 points. The memo highlighted key factors in the race, such as infighting between pro-Trump and anti-Trump donors, Whitmer’s seemingly endless pile of donor cash, and Tudor Dixon’s lack of PR throughout her entire campaign.

Interestingly enough, Dixon examines the memo as being a “perfect example” of why officials such as Republican Co-Chair and Pro-Trump Warrior Meshawn Maddock should be removed from leadership. It is worth noting that much of Dixon’s disaster can be attributed to her also referring to the incestuous rape of a 14 year old girl as a “perfect example” of why she would allow no exceptions for abortions. While being pro-life is an important issue, it is not hard to imagine why phrasing a message so bluntly and off-color would be disastrous in a swing state where abortion was already on the ballot in the form of Statewide Proposal 3. Tudor Dixon recklessly ranting about a hot-button issue that would have been be out of her control as Governor anyways, clearly brought in unnecessary hatred and attention to the now failed candidate.

It’s no surprise however, that Tudor would blame her failures on Meshawn Maddock. Tudor Dixon is, after all, a pawn and hand-picked candidate of anti-Trump donor and RINO connoisseur Betsy DeVos. DeVos has been caught multiple times trashing President Trump and blaming him for the globalist false flag on 1/6. Betsy DeVos would go on to bankroll liberal Republican candidates in primaries against nearly every pro-Trump or Trump-endorsed candidate in the State of Michigan with millions of dollars worth of Dark Money. Just a few days before Michigan’s August 2nd Primary, DeVos would infiltrate her way into Mar-A-Lago, eventually pressuring President Trump into endorsing Tudor Dixon for the gubernatorial race under the guise that she was the ‘most winnable candidate’.

But Tudor Dixon wasn’t a winning candidate and didn’t even come close. Trump Republicans across the state knew this and continued to rail against DeVos and her lapdog Dixon until August 2nd. On July 28, 9 Trump-endorsed candidates from across the state co-signed a letter in protest against Betsy DeVos, pleading for Trump not to listen to her. At the time, DeVos was actively bank rolling primary opponents against the majority of these candidates, and fear was looming over what disaster could take hold if Trump ended up endorsing Dixon.  Trump did end up endorsing Dixon, it was a disaster, and everything went according to plan for the DeVos playbook. An image of the protest letter can be seen below:

Despite all the drama of the intense primary, under Meshawn Maddock’s leadership, the state element of the Republican Party united around Dixon and fought tooth and nail at every battle to try and get her elected, often times fighting much harder than Tudor herself. For the sake of the party and getting rid of totalitarian ruler Whitmer, Maddock would become one of Tudor’s biggest supporters, sometimes even taking heat from the grassroots for trying to get Tudor across the finish lines. However, Tudor Dixon in her disloyalty, much like a pre-teen girl throwing a temper tantrum as a result of not getting her way, went on to throw Maddock under the bus with little to no sufficient complaints about her.

This isn’t the first time DeVos and her lackeys have attacked Meshawn and her family, though, nor will it be the last. Back in April, Big League Politics previously reported that Meshawn Maddock’s husband, State Representative Matt Maddock, who Trump previously had endorsed to be the 2023 Speaker of the House, was banished from the MI House Republican Caucus over his undying support for President Trump and dedication to America First values. It’s no surprise that DeVos and her family played a direct role in this, acting as background puppeteers. Both Matt & Meshawn Maddock have faced harsh battles and biblical tests of faith over their selfless fidelity to the Trump movement and the hardworking conservative men and women of Michigan. Republicans should regard them as Saintly figures, not scape goats.

It’s not at all shocking that Tudor Dixon would stoop so low as to use her loss as an opportunity to trash the most Trumpian Conservatives in Michigan. Tudor Dixon’s existence holds no real purpose outside of being a DeVos lackey and throwing elections for Republicans. Outside of being an epic failure and obedient lapdog to her billionaire DeVos handlers, what she says and does for the rest of her life has little to no value. Republicans should not take her seriously, and we should try to forget we were ever forced to support such a disgrace.


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