Trafalgar Group: Majority Of Americans Believe GOP Will Take House And Senate

A new poll from The Trafalgar Group suggests that a majority of Americans believe the Democrats have not made a “strong enough case” to convince citizens to vote blue in the upcoming midterm elections.

The poll was conducted between the 25th and 30th of November on a sample of 1,080 general election voters. A surprisingly high 65.9% of polled citizens claim that Democrats had not done enough to sway voters their way. 

Breaking down the numbers, 28.5% of polled Democrats suggested that their party did not offer a strong enough case in favor of the party, with the remaining 71.5% claiming they did. 

On the other hand, almost all Republicans, 96%, claimed Democrats do not have a strong case against conservatives. 

Further proving just how little the Democrat message is resigning with Americans, a surprising 75.4% of independent voters agreed that the Democrats have not made a strong enough case for the party.  

The poll also asked respondents what they believe the outcome of the election will be, and the results don’t sound very good for the Democrats. 

Only 19.5% of all polled believe that Democrats will maintain the seats won during the 2020 General Election. And 30.3% think that the chambers will once again split.

The majority, 50.2%, believe the House and Senate will be taken over by the Republican party. 

Breaking down these numbers by party: 46.9% of polled Democrats believe that the chamber control will be split between them and Republicans. 41.2% of Democrats think their party will maintain control while 12% reluctantly accepted that Republicans will come up on top. 

On the flip side: 84.5% of Republican voters are confident that their party will take control of both chambers, while just 1.3% believe Biden and the Democrats will manage to pull out a miracle – coming out on top after midterms. 

Again, the poll shows independent voters siding with Republicans. With 52.8% believing the red wave will sweep both chambers. 

31.3% think the result will be split. And 15.9% think Democrats will maintain the chambers.

This poll from The Trafalgar Group came out just a little over a week before the midterm elections and paints a bleak picture for the Democrat front. 

The general sentiment of voters not believing Democrats have enough to offer may signify a likely win for Republicans. Which many other polls are already showing.

Historically, the President’s party loses ground in midterm elections. Which is evident in 18 of the 20 last general elections. 

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