Trans Activist Purchases Miss Universe Organization, Media Praises Him For Being ‘First Woman’ Owner In 71-Year-History

A Thai transgender activist just bought the Miss Universe Organization for $20 million, according to the Associate Press.

From the outlet:

Chakrapong “Anne” Chakrajutathib, who controls JKN Global Group Public Co. Ltd., is a celebrity in Thailand who has starred in reality shows and is outspoken about being a transgender woman [sic]. [He] helped establish a nonprofit group, Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation, to promote trans rights. …

… A profile of Chakrapong in the Bangkok Post newspaper earlier this year said in [his] youth, [he] studied at an all-male school where [he] was harassed for identifying as female. After attaining financial success, [he] spent 40 million baht ($1 million) on sex reassignment surgery and other procedures, the newspaper reported.

Chakrapong described the purchase of the Miss Universe Organization as “a strong, strategic addition to our portfolio” in a statement.

Many critics were quick to spell out what this means for the future of the organization and competition. Pointing to the inevitable reality that trans men will be showcased in the near future.

Nothing about this trend is new, however, as woke individuals like Chakrapong have long been trying to prop up men who pretend to be women in once solely female spaces.

Right on cue, the mainstream media is already administering praise to the Thai business tycoon – who is a biological man – for being the first so-called “woman” to own the Miss Universe Organization in its 71-year-history.

Most of the comments on the CBS News tweet above starkly point out that the organization is still owned by a man. Despite the outlet’s attempt to gaslight its audience into believing the opposite.

“So a trans activist just bought the company that runs the Miss Universe pageant. This’ll be fun,” wrote one user on Twitter.

The media has been intentional about promoting the erasure of women from female spaces and replacing them with biological men. All under the guise of tolerance and inclusion.

Americans saw this when trans activist Dylan Mulvaney – a 25-year-old man who pretends to be a girl on TikTok – met with President Joe Biden to discuss transgender rights and “womanhood,” amongst other progressive topics.

As Blaze News reported, scoring an interview with President Joe Biden is not easy to come by. Especially considering “he only gave 28 interviews in his first year in office – compared to 95 by Donald Trump, 162 by Barack Obama, and 50 by George W. Bush.”

Somehow Mulvaney, who does nothing more than portray a girl online for internet clout, was important enough to garner an interview with Biden.

Women aren’t even being recognized for their own achievements anymore. All to pave the way for transgenders in female spaces.

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