Trans-ceratops? Tucker Reacts To Claim Dinosaurs Belong To Transgenders

Did you know that there is a large community of ‘genderqueer’ dinosaur enthusiasts? Neither did we here at BLP until Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on a new piece by the state-owned National Public Radio discussing the passion some ‘transgender’ people have for dinosaurs.

“Rest assured, we’ve been listening [to NPR] every day so you don’t have to,” Tucker told viewers before diving into the story.

“Many people who are queer, whether they are trans or some other form of genderqueer or whatever it is… We love dinosaurs,” explained Riley, who NPR describes as a transgender “dinosaur expert.”

NPR reporters described their research on the matter, saying  that “according to Riley, there is a whole community of genderqueer dinosaurs enthusiasts online.”

“So we checked it out,” explained NPR’s Ben Brock Johnson. “Sure enough, they’re there. We found dozens of paleoartists online that identify as queer.”

Reporter Amory Siverston elaborated on the topic, explaining the different types of homosexual and paternal dinosaurs one may come across in the aftermentioned transgender dinosaur community.

“Type ‘dinosaur’ into the LGBT subreddit,” she began. “Hundreds of results, with pride dinos, rainbow dinos, dino moms, dino dads, and a LOT of puns. Like, Ally-sauras.”

Trans-ceratops!” Johnson enthusiastically added.

“Transgenderism isn’t something that appeared out of nowhere, BIGOT! It dates back to the Jurassic era,” joked Tucker Carlson during the show.

The Dino-enthusiast and gender-confused Riley then explained that there is a scandalous group of people working to highjack dinosaurs away from those confused about their sex. He explained that those not on board are “our social enemies” and that actually, “dinosaurs are ours.”

“To see, you know, our social enemies for lack of a better term taking, you know, these symbols and trying to use it as their dog whistle, it was something where it’s just like, Where’s this even coming from? This makes zero sense. And also dinosaurs are ours. I hate to speak for the entire trans or genderqueer community but, like, no. We’ve already been wondering about them and drawing them and interested.”

Tucker concluded by playing a clip of Siverston attacking ‘TERFs,’ claiming that “genderqueer fans of dinos everywhere felt under attack as TERFs kept dropping [dinosaur] emoji[s] into their feeds.”

We did some research on what this term meant. It is a leftist acronym apparently standing for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” which is to say a far-left women’s rights advocate who happens to acknowledge the reality of biological sex. Google has even officially defined the term on their search engine.

Tucker told viewers his show will continue to follow the taxpayer-funded news outlet for more reports, and emphatically promised that “the moment the dinosaur lobby has been decolonized, we will let you know.”

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