Trans Football Player Wins Discrimination Suit After Being Denied Spot on Women’s Team

In a court decision that could create serious institutional difficulties for women’s sports at the professional and amateur levels, a Minnesota transgender woman named Christina Ginther was awarded $20,000 in a lawsuit against a women’s football team that declined to offer her a place on the team on account of her male biology.

Ginther had filed a lawsuit against the owner of the Minnesota Vixen, Laura Brown, and the Independent Women’s Football League. After trying out for the Vixen, Ginther had been told that the league did not allow transgender women(who possess male physiology) to participate. However, it seems the league’s policy was in violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act’s anti- discrimination provisions, as indicated by the court ruling against the women’s football league in which players are unpaid.

Standing at six feet tall and carrying a “slightly muscular frame” according to a Minnesota Public Radio article, Ginther possess a physique that is extremely rare if not outright impossible for women to possess. The reality of Ginther obtaining an innate physical advantage in full-contact football(the rules by which the Independent Women’s Football League operates)on the basis of her biological male gender didn’t seem to present a cause to object on the behalf of the Minnesota judiciary that ruled on behalf of Ginther’s claim of discrimination.

The recent entryism of biologically male transgender athletes into women’s sports seems to present serious challenges to the viability of female sports leagues and organizations as women’s institutions. Transgender athletes such as MMA fighter Fallon Fox have shown a propensity to outright dominate athletic competitions against biologically female competitors, who are facing opponents with far greater bone density and muscle mass than female athletes.

If the entryism of biologically male trans athletes into female sporting venues is allowed to continue, it could result in a situation where the domination of biological males in nominally female sports becomes a simple inevitability. Young women could lose interest in sporting competitions where they’re almost guaranteed negligible chances at victory.

Hell, if Ginther- who stands at 6 feet tall and possess a frame that would appear on the muscular side of a men’s locker room- can compete in the Independent Women’s Football League, why not bring in male-identifying professional athletes such as the NFL’s James Harrison or Warren Sapp?

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