Trans Pro-Trump Student Assaulted By Muslim Activists at Travel Ban Protest

Facebook/Angelie Castaneda

Angelie Castaneda, a patriotic, transgender, pro-Trump student at UC Berkeley was assaulted on Monday evening at an “Anti-Travel Ban” protest on the university campus.

Castaneda, 20, was attempting to livestream the event, but was quickly surrounded by leftist activists who were accusing the student of “being disruptive.”

“So I decided to go to the ‘Anti-Travel Ban’ rally with a few friends, just to see what it was all about and to hopefully have conversations with people about what was going on. After turning on my camera to livestream the event, the hostility started to take place,” Castaneda told Big League Politics.

The leftists also refused to allow Castaneda into the event — by creating a human wall.

“People in attendance to the rally were creating a wall (ironic because they are supposedly against walls) to not allow me inside the event. Then more people started to surround me with their phones on telling me to leave the area,” Castaneda told Big League. “After trying to explain to them that this area was a public zone, they started calling me racist and trying to disturb the peace.”

Eventually, Castaneda decided to troll the event by holding a copy of Milo Yiannopoulos’ book ‘Dangerous,’ which lead to her being assaulted and intimidated by Muslim protesters, she said.

I started being surrounded again and was threatened by Muslims that I needed to leave. I was shoved and pushed out of the area, and one Muslim man pressed his body against me trying to use intimidation tactics to get me to leave. I honestly thought that he was getting ready to hit me because he was that hostile,” Castaneda explained. “Another man shoved his camera in my face trying get video of me while saying that he was going to dox us.

Despite being Latina, and transgender, protesters repeatedly accused Castaneda of being racist and transphobic.

“This is the way that they treat trannies with the wrong opinion,” Castaneda noted on the stream. The fiery right-wing activist also repeatedly declared that there are “only two genders,” after one of the protesters confronting her claimed that they were “also on the trans-spectrum.”

Castaneda is a member of the Berkeley Patriots group that recently attempted to host “Free Speech Week” on the UC campus. She has previously faced threats and doxing by those who claim to stand for the rights of trans individuals.

“These days I have to say I’m trans and Latina to even be listened to by these crazy people. The moment you subvert from their narrative, you’re automatically labeled a fascist Nazi,” Castaneda told BLP in a previous interview.

Watch Angelie Castaneda (left) describe the attacks in this Facebook video:

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