Trans Woman Explodes at Gamestop, Threatens Employees After Being ‘Misgendered’

A video surfaced on Friday of a transgender individual becoming irate and threatening at a Gamestop store after claiming that the employees there had ‘misgendered’ her, having referred to her as a “Sir” or “Guy” despite identifying as a female.

The incident, which apparently occurred at an Albuquerque, New Mexico Gamestop, shows to what lengths a newly self-appointed American dominant cultural class will go to reinforce their vision of society, in which compliance to the gender and sexual self-identification is not only mandatory, but reinforced with the threat of violence.

The individual started speaking in an aggressive tone and when she (or he) thought that a Gamestop clerk had referred to her as ‘Sir,’ going on to threaten a retail employee with the prospect of being “taken outside.” The employee, who claimed he had only referred to the individual among other customers using the collective and gender-neutral phrase “guys,” calmly and patiently asked that she desist from cursing and exhibiting belligerent behavior in the store.

She would go on to walk back towards the store entrance and forcefully kick a box of store merchandise, possibly destroying or damaging an expensive item.

In true fashion as a leftist cultural corporate snitch, the aggrieved and violent individual went on to ask for the store employee to provide her with his “corporate number,” as if she were still entitled to provide consumer feedback and receive accountability from the company after blatantly threatening an employee and acting destructively towards store property. Unsatisfied with threatening to beat the (probably working class) Gamestop employee outside the store, it was evidently necessary to tattle on him for perceived offenses to supervisors at the video game retail company.

I need your corporate number, now! Get it for me, now!”

The degree of violent and toxic delusion now pervading every level of American society is sickening and depraved to the extreme. Millions of normal Americans such as a humble Gamestop store clerk stand by, forced to experience the consequences of a clown world directly in person.

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