Transgender Author Posts Twitter Sob Story about Abuse…Then ‘Her’ Own Rape Allegations are Exposed

Travis Lee Stroud, a transgender “female” who writes under the alias Michelle Russo, wrote a series of tweets on social media last week about the abusive ways of straight men.

Stroud, 32, wrote the novel, If I Was Your Girl to critical acclaim in 2016. Her follow-up novel, Birthday won literary awards. She is being promoted as apart of the concerted effort to promote LGBT authors and proliferate their works among the masses, particularly to precocious children.

Stroud wrote tweets on Nov. 10 essentially accusing all men of being abusers, and crediting her LGBT allies for listening to all the crazy stories of straight men treating their female partners like trash.

After she made the post, social media users noted that Stroud had previously been accused of raping and abusing her ex-wife, Jennifer Marie Russo. Stroud may have been projecting his own violent proclivities onto straight men.

According to a report from The Other McCain, Jennifer Marie Russo filed for a protection order against the trans author. She alleged that Stroud had engaged in the “extreme verbal and psychological abuse” of her daughter from a prior relationship.

She also accused Straud of engaging in “physical violence” against her, and she alleged that Stroud had repeatedly raped and abused her over the course of their relationship.

In addition, Stroud was arrested in 2014 in Hamilton County, TN and charged with “interference with emergency calls.” This stemmed from an incident where Stroud’s former bride was forced to call 911 because she was frightened of her husband’s actions. This story was originally reported after Stroud was published under her alias in the New York Times where the LGBT activist whined about not being able to use the bathroom of their choice.

“I haven’t been assaulted or raped, a common experience for trans people. That doesn’t mean it’s still not an issue when I have to use a public restroom. The fear is still there – that someone will take offense, get angry and attack me, or that I’ll be made to leave a business, that I’ll be accused of sexual misconduct, arrested and sent to men’s jail,” Stroud wrote.

The alleged victim spoke out to The Post Millennial about what she had to endure at the hands of this celebrated LGBT icon.

“Domestic violence is insidious and slow, like the proverbial boiling frog,” Stroud’s ex-wife, Juniper Russo, said. “It’s hard to say when it all started.”

“We met on OKCupid in 2011 and got married in 2013,” Russo said, adding that the abusive behavior started after the marriage. “We had a lot of shared interests at the time, and I was naive enough to think that shared interests are the foundation of a healthy relationship.”

She went into graphic details about the horrific nature of her alleged abuse at the hands of an LGBT predator.

“When my son was born in 2014, I had severe pre-eclampsia and injuries from giving birth. I had to have major reconstructive surgery. I was extremely weak and in severe pain,” Russo said.

“Meredith was extremely abusive to me during this time, calling me a ‘feeding station, not a parent’ because breastfeeding my son was one of the only things I could do, and because I was asking [Meredith] to help with things like diapers,” Russo added.

Russo allegedly protected her abusive husband in order to coddle the monster due to their severe mental condition.

“I was always trying to protect [Meredith] because I knew men’s jail was not kind to transwomen,” Russo said. “She was always threatening suicide if she were to get arrested. Even when things were terrible, I was worried for her safety and didn’t want her to kill herself or be beaten to death in prison.”

In addition, Russo claims that Stroud hasn’t paid child support in many years. She also details the harassment she has received from Stroud’s demented followers in recent years.

“I’ve been harassed quite a bit by Meredith’s social network. I lost a lot of friends and have been largely ostracized from our local LGBT community.” Russo said. “I’ll often be online and someone I don’t know will suddenly jump into a thread to announce I’m the [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] who ruined Meredith Russo’s life.”

“My main hope, in discussing all of this, is that the defamation against myself and my family will stop,” Russo said.

The LGBT movement is enabling psychotic predators on a scale that was previously unfathomable, and Russo’s alleged abuse is another horror story made possible the homosexual agenda.

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