Transgender Minneapolis City Council Vice Prez Blames ‘Capitalism Run Amok’ on Clean-Up Costs From Black Lives Matter Riots

A common refrain made by the apologists for Black Lives Matter rioters has been that insurance money will pay for the losses suffered by property owners devastated by the orgy of destruction.

However, that has just turned out to be another Marxist lie from the left-wing supporters of domestic terrorism. Property owners in Minneapolis are finding that they will never be able to recoup their losses from the destruction caused by this terror movement.

Property owner Jay Kim was hit with a $140,000 bill after his Sports Dome retail complex had to be demolished by city officials. The city told him this is what it would cost to remove the debris. His insurance policy only covers up to $25,000 for demolition costs.

“We were really upset about that,” Kim said. “We thought that was high. But we didn’t know how much demolition would cost at the time.”

Andrea Jenkins, the transgender vice president of the Minneapolis City Council, is blaming capitalism for the problems the city is experiencing due to the destruction actions of far-left rioters.

“I think that is price-gouging and they should contact the attorney general,” said the ghoulish Jenkins. “That is a symbol of capitalism run amok.”

However, the contractors believe that Jenkins is dead wrong. They claim that government regulations force them to treat debris from buildings set ablaze as hazardous. These rules can double the cost to remove debris, often unnecessarily.

“We aren’t taking advantage of anybody,” said Don Rachel, CEO of Rachel Contracting, a large demolition contractor in Minnesota. “Some people might have sticker shock, but how do they know? Most of these folks have never had to wreck a building.”

The demolition costs are so high that many businesses may never return. The city may become a desolate third-world hellscape permanently, which will be BLM’s lasting legacy for the entire country if this savagery is not put down.

“It’s been a big barrier to getting the street cleaned up,” said Allison Sharkey, executive director of the Lake Street Council. “I am becoming really concerned that people who want to reinvest won’t be able to.”

Big League Politics has reported on the incredible callousness of Minneapolis city officials, who were requiring business owners rocked by sustained rioting to pay property taxes before backing down amidst public anger:

The City of Minneapolis is backing down after seeking to bilk the property owners of buildings damaged in the Minneapolis riots, trying to make them pay property taxes before granting a demolition permit for them to tear down damaged structures.

The city had remarkably been applying a strict legal standard to the owners of buildings that had been destroyed in the riots, without doing so much as even preventing rampaging mobs from damaging or outright destroying 1,500 buildings in the city.

Only twenty buildings wrecked in the wake of the riots have been accordingly demolished, with Minneapolis property owners understandably reluctant to pay taxes on firebombed structures. The city perhaps relented on the policy this week, which is justified with a reaching interpretation of a state law, when it recognized that demanding taxes for riot-torched buildings would have prevented any tentative rebuilding.

Minneapolis’ downtown area would have been stuck with more than a thousand structures and buildings in various stages of blight, sentencing parts of the city to the urban decay seen in other midwestern cities such as Detroit.

Estimates of the range of the destruction inflicted upon the city have varied, but it appears as if initial reports of the destruction were underestimated. City authorities have estimated a massive $55 million of property damage was inflicted, mostly upon small businesses, with more than 700 buildings destroyed, a figure since inflated.

A sizable percentage of the city’s taxpaying homeowner base has indicated that they’re preparing to move the city, leaving Minneapolis perhaps fiscally doomed for its embrace of senseless anarcho-tyranny.

Anarcho-tyranny will be in full effect nationwide, similar to Minneapolis and other cities rocked by BLM terrorists, if President Donald Trump loses in November’s election.

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